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Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bangles
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Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bangles

Get the best of both worlds with stately gold plated sterling silver bangles that light up your wrists for a lifetime. Our collection of high quality designs will bring new inspiration to old outfits in your wardrobe and might even lead you to add new pieces to suit your beautiful bangle accessories.

Bangles continue to make a splash on the big name runways at fashion events around the world and for good reason. These timeless pieces are reimagined year after year by inspired designers who build upon the fabulous bangles of the past. We stock some of the freshest gold plated sterling silver bangle designs that will make a great year round addition to your jewellery box.

Add a layer of gold plated sterling silver chains or even a mix of gold plated sterling silver bracelets to build up your collection of brilliant accessories with endless combinations. Putting together unique looks is easy when you’re shopping for jewellery at Shiels.

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