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    Sterling Silver 1/2 Carat Diamond & Earring Set
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Expressing yourself should be a celebration of everything that makes you, you; and jewellery is the ultimate expression of who you are. Jewellery lets you express every facet of your complex and wonderful personality. From cufflinks to earrings, jewellery allows you to express yourself.

As well as a window into your unique style, jewellery connects us with the most precious people, moments, emotions, milestones and stories that enrich your life. Just think about the engagement rings that mark a loving lifetime commitment, the signet rings handed down from father to son, or the watches that are given as graduation gifts. 

Shiels’ range of unique & beautiful jewellery begins with designing pieces to suit any and every style. From classic gold bangles to gemstone earrings, our range is inspired by the latest collections from leading jewellery designers. We've created the perfect piece for every occasion.

Browse our extensive selection of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Experiment with precious metals such as gold, rose gold, white gold and sterling silver and have some fun with our wide selection of beautiful coloured gemstone jewellery.

For the most important people and special occasions in your life, you can’t go wrong with our stunning selection of diamond jewellery, complete with the perfect engagement & wedding rings to express your love and happiness.

Explore our wide range of jewellery online or in store at Shiels - your most loved Australian jewellery store.

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