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Luminare Lab Grown Diamonds
Luminare Lab Grown Diamonds
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Luminare Lab Grown Diamonds

Eco-friendly and as pure as mined diamonds, Luminare lab-grown diamonds offer everything you’d want in diamond jewellery. Bright, clear and of the highest quality - it’s impossible to tell with the naked eye, or even a microscope, that these lab created diamonds weren’t formed millions of years ago deep inside the earth.

Being able to grow diamonds has transformed the diamond industry - and at Shiels, we’re proud to bring to you the very best man made diamonds available in Australia. Many consumers are choosing lab grown diamonds today because there’s much less environmental impact in the way they’re sourced - they’re always a 100% ethical and conflict free choice because they’re grown from a diamond seed in a high tech laboratory. 

At Shiels, we only sell CVD diamonds, which stands for ‘Chemical Vapor Deposition’. This is the process by which Luminare lab grown diamonds are created. All of our CVD diamond products pass the most rigorous diamond testing, because they have the same molecular makeup as natural diamonds. These are not diamond simulants, like cubic zirconia. They are beautiful, real diamonds - perfect for your diamond engagement ring!

Our collection of Luminare lab grown diamonds consists of gorgeous diamond rings from half a carat up to a stunning 1.4 carat beauty. These diamond rings are not to be overlooked. We have rose gold, white gold and yellow gold options available, so there’s something for every style and skin tone.

Pair your Luminare lab grown diamond ring with a lovely diamond pendant to adorn your décolletage, or perhaps some timeless diamond earrings. At Shiels, all of our mined and lab grown diamonds are responsibly sourced. And with numerous interest free payment options to choose from, like humm, Zip Pay and AfterPay, you can sparkle now, pay later and feel good about it too! Plus, get free shipping when you spend over $99. Go on, you know you want to.

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