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Pearl Accessories
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Pearl Accessories

The range of pearl accessories from Shiels Jewellers features stunning pieces which are one of a kind in their nature. You won’t find pearls like this anywhere else on the market, particularly set in designs this unique and modern.

Take our signature pearl brooch. Featuring a detailed sterling silver and cubic zirconia, this wonderful pearl brooch is designed to look as natural as a leaf, giving you effortless nature inspired luxury and style.

Nothing is as indicative of the past like a vintage brooch. Classically worn with dresses in the 1800s and more recently, used to pin your shawl to your dress in the 50’s, a timeless accessory such as a brooch is a luxurious addition to your collection.

There’s nothing like this range of pearl accessories is on the market right now. Whether you purchase one of these pieces as a gift or for yourself, the affordability and innate sophistication is available online and in-store right now.

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