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Pearl Necklaces
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    Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia + Pearl Chain
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Pearl Necklaces

Feel like a million dollars with an exceptional pearl necklace from Shiels. Pearl necklaces have long symbolised passion, gracefulness and originality; everything that Shiels stands for and celebrates every day.

Enjoy being present and in the moment each time you wear one of our sought-after pearl necklaces. At Shiels, we prefer quality over quantity, so each piece is created in a way that combines strength and elegance.

A Shiels, a pearl necklace isn’t about fitting in with the crowd, but about showing off your individual taste and style. That’s why our pearl necklaces range from traditional light colours to distinctively dark pendants and every shade in between. Combine your pearl necklace with a pair of equally stunning pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet.

No matter the occasion, you can create a truly dazzling look with the best and most stylish pearl necklaces Australia has to offer. Shop the entire collection in store or online today.

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