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Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pendants
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Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pendants

There’s no better combination than the dusky colour of rose gold with the durability of sterling silver, and nowhere else can you find it paired so beautifully than at Shiels Jewellers.

Crafted in intricate detail, Shiels’ collection of rose-gold plated sterling silver pendants are all unique and made with you in mind. From the nature inspired designs that include the tree of life and birds, to symbols and geometric shapes such as the infinity symbol to simple heart and circle shapes and even beaded designs. Every pendant is minimalistic and some even mix the beauty of rose gold with the silver itself to craft a unique and striking combination that can’t be found anywhere else.

Whether you buy it as a gift or for yourself, the rose gold pendants in this collection are designed specifically to reflect the finer points of your personality. Shop our range of rose gold plated sterling silver pendants online or in-store today.

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