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Cubic Zirconia Ruby Rings
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Cubic Zirconia Ruby Rings

Dorothy’s ruby slippers don’t have anything on these ruby rings. With such a vibrant, strong and fiery colour, ruby gemstone jewellery symbolises power and protection. Browse Shiels' cubic zirconia ruby rings collection and follow in the likes of powerful women like Elizabeth Taylor who once owned an 8 carat ruby ring.

The feisty ruby is combined with modern cubic zirconia to form elegant and classic rings in each and every style. Though the birthstone for the month of July, ruby isn’t just for Cancers and Leos; any star sign can rock rich red rubies or red pink rubies with total confidence. It might even inspire it. A ruby oval is desirable for any occasion and in any setting. With the striking white cubic zirconia added to it, it's ideal for a night out on the town but versatile enough to dress down.

Ruby and cubic zirconia rings are also making a big impression on modern brides. Why not choose from our beautiful cubic zirconia ruby rings for your future engagement ring? They look just as stunning as a diamond ring band with a much nicer price tag. Shop our hand-selected ruby cubic zirconia rings in-store or online at Shiels.

Size does matter. Ring size that is. Don’t forget to check out our ring sizing guide so there's no delay in getting your purchase onto your finger where it belongs. Shop ruby zirconia rings and other gorgeous rings online and in stores at Shiels. Purchase today and get free shipping when you spend $99 or more.

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