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Stainless Steel Pendants
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    Stainless Steel Diamond Pendant With 70cm Chain
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    Stainless Steel Pendant With 80cm Chain
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    Stainless Steel Pendant With 53.5cm Chain
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Stainless Steel Pendants

Beautiful design and innate wearability is a trademark of the Shiels Jewellers range, and the stainless steel pendants we stock are certainly no exception to this rule.

Step out with confidence knowing your accessories are the best on the market. Featuring innate masculine designs such as stainless steel crosses, stainless steel and carbon fibre dog tags and pendants include round black detailing, buy them for yourself or gift them to a man in your life.

On the other hand, we also have a range of designs which speak to delicate femininity, with heart and cat designs, pearl pendants and rose gold plating as well as diamond designs crafted for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying a gift, these stainless steel pendants are not going to break the bank. Don’t miss out on these beautiful designs. Shop the range online and in-store today.

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