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Turquoise Earrings
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Turquoise Earrings

Shiels Jewellers’ turquoise earrings are the perfect inexpensive fashion accessory for both the classic and modern women. The unique colour combination of turquoise set in sterling silver radiates a individual creative energy which highlights your personal style when you pair it with one of our vintage, classic and modern design pieces. This semi-precious stone has been used in adornments for centuries, but its appeal is so great it will never fade.

Indulge in a classic and care-free look in a pair of jeans or a casual dinner dress to match with your new turquoise earrings. You can find them here in a variety of styles and designs like pearl stud, dome stud, moon stud, classic and vintage drop, or a combination of dome and feather drop.

Shop with Shiels for your own collection of turquoise earrings designed uniquely for your personal style and experience sophistication at its absolute best.

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