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    Citizen BK3830-51A Quartz Mens Watch
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    Pulsar PJ6064X Two Tone Mens Watch
    Pulsar PJ6064X Two Tone Mens Watch Now
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    Jag Malcom J2192 Brown Leather Mens Watch
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    Pulsar PG8287X Stainless Steel Mens Watch
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    Jag J2247 Black Leather Mens Watch
    Jag J2247 Black Leather Mens Watch Now
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    Pulsar PS9605X Silver Stainless Steel Mens Watch
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    Jag Archie J2181 Brown Leather Mens Watch
  8. Clearance
    Pulsar PS9581X Stainless Steel Mens Watch
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    Jag Ryan J2151 Mens Watch with Bonus Black Strap
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No other accessory communicates your personality and style quite like your watch.

This functional timepiece will be worn every day and becomes a part of who you are. Whether you’re a trend-setter, an action hero or luxury seeker, this is communicated by the watch that you wear, even more so than your clothes or shoes.

Watches are incredibly versatile, and can come in a range of colours and materials to suit every you. They are a true accessory and are able to complete and enhance your look when matched with jewellery or worn independently.

Watches are also functional and are often filled with the latest technology to harmonize with your fast-paces and exciting lifestyle. Whether you would prefer waterproof, solar-powered, diamond-encrusted, shock-proof or extremely reliable timekeeping, the Shiels range of watches will have something to suit your every need.

Consider gifting a watch to someone who is marking an important milestone, such as a birthday, graduation or a promotion. It will become a part of their story and is a thoughtful item that they will cherish.

The Shiels collection of watches incorporates the latest ranges of men’s watches and women’s watches from leading manufacturers including Seiko, Guess and Fossil Watches. There is sure to be something for you to fall in love with.

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