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Opal Engagement Rings

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Opal Engagement Rings

Shop true blue Australian opal engagement rings online and in store at Shiels. 

Our opal rings are unique and eye-catching, with radiant colours that span blue, white, purple and more. These engagement rings are made out of conflict-free stones, and are sure to last a lifetime!

Opals are an extremely well-known gemstone that offers a spectacular display of blue fire and colour. The ranges of blue colour that these gems can exhibit seem almost endless, and each piece will have its own unique display depending on the variety of opal jewellery you choose. They truly are the most precious stones in the world!

Each opal is unique and has its own characteristics such as size, shape, colour, saturation and luminosity. You'll find opals in our gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings. Our opal rings are crafted of high-quality gemstones and designed in classic styles. These gorgeous opal engagement rings can be worn with formal attire or even your more casual type of clothing.

Browse our entire jewellery collection online or in-store today. Don't forget to check out using one of our buy now, sparkle later options. We offer Afterpay engagement rings, as well as Zip, humm, LatitudePay, Latitude Interest Free, Klarna and Laybuy. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $69.

For Opal Engagement Rings in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, you can't go past Shiels. Shop online or in store now.

Are opals bad luck for engagement rings?

Opals are actually a gemstone that increases courage, hope, and creativity. They have been known to boost confidence and increase prosperity. When looking for an engagement ring, many decide to get one with an opal. The stone comes with a unique meaning, that may be surprising for some people. The different colours in the opal are thought to reflect all the emotions that one may experience in a lifetime.

Do opals make good engagement rings?

If you’re wondering whether opals can be used as a gemstone for engagement rings, the answer is yes! They are another spectacular item to use when presenting that special ring. The opal is a symbol of love and sincerity!

Are opals more valuable than diamonds?

The value of most diamonds will be higher than opals, but opals are rarer. We all have different preferences when it comes to precious gemstones. However, it’s a fact that opals are much sought after – not just for their beauty and rarity, but also for their rarity in being able to be found in Australia at all.

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