Diamond Earrings

Complete your look with timeless elegance thanks to our stylish and versatile range of diamond earrings. From staples like hoops and studs to special occasion pieces such as drop and chadelier styles, our collection has something for everything and everyone.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are a stunning addition to any jewellery collection. These iconic, stylish pieces of jewellery are a must-have for every earring wearer. With a wide variety of different styles, sizes, and cuts, you will find the perfect earrings for your unique style at Shiels.  

Diamond earrings are as versatile as they are gorgeous. Diamond stud earrings are the timeless choice. Secured by a post in your ear, this type lets the gems shine right by your face. The result is classic, understated, yet breathtaking. A solitary diamond stud makes for a striking men’s earring.

Did you know that diamonds are also the April birthstone? That's right, if you're born in April, you have an added reason to don this stunning birthstone

A bit of dangle can let your diamond earrings really sparkle. The length of drop earrings lets your diamonds hang gracefully from your ear. For a shape that still has movement, but less drama, select a diamond-studded hoop earring.

Precious metals radiate all the more when set with diamonds. Gold and diamonds are the quintessential pairings. Showcase traditional charm setting diamonds in yellow gold earrings. For a contemporary style, try white gold earrings for your diamonds. Or choose diamond-set rose gold earrings that flatter any skin tone.

Beautiful with any everyday outfit, diamond earrings are equally striking for a formal event. For those truly special occasions, why not sparkle all over?

Match your earrings with a diamond necklace to illuminate your whole face. Add a diamond bracelet or perhaps a diamond ring for that glamourous ‘dripping in diamonds’ feel. Did you know we have a range of diamond watches too? 

Indulge yourself or treat that someone special in your life! Diamond jewellery makes for a gift they are sure to treasure. Shop online and take advantage of free shipping on all orders over $69. Pay your way! We offer a range of payment options: humm, Latitude Pay, AfterPay, PayPal, and Zip.


Are diamond earrings worth it?

Because the price can be higher than cubic zirconia earrings or other alternatives, you might wonder if it's worth choosing a diamond. Well, not only are diamond earrings the most classic and (in our opinion) beautiful choice, but they are very durable, too. Diamonds are the hardest stone on the planet, making them almost scratch-proof and perfect for daily wear. So, for durability and bright sparkle, they are definitely worth it. 

Are diamond earrings in style?

One of the great things about diamond jewellery is that it's always in style. Diamond earrings are no exception, with their quality making them excellent for daily wear, and their beauty and vibrance suiting formal occasions perfectly. Because of the clear colour, they also pair well with almost any type of clothing. 

What do diamond earrings symbolise?

Diamonds are known to symbolise love, strength and purity. Because of their amazing history and symbolism, they have become jewellery icons. 

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