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Watch Care And Cleaning Guide

Read our quick guide on how to care for your watch after making a purchase.


Watch Water Resistance

Discover how deep your watch can dive with our water resistance guide.


Are Seiko Watches Good & Other FAQs

Read all about Seiko, one of the most famous watch brands in the world.


Which Casio Watch to buy in 2023

Find the best Casio watch for you with our quick guide on the newest watches.



No accessory communicates your personality and style quite like watches.

From functional everyday looks to trend-setting timepieces, the piece you wear tells the world who you are. Worn on its own or matched with jewellery, your timepiece can complete and enhance your look.

The Shiels collection offers a wide range of men’s watches, women’s watches, and pieces kid's watches. Stylish and functional Disney pieces are perfect for little wrists! If you're after a child is more into kid's smart watches, we have you covered too. Cactus is a great place to start. 

Our timepieces feature different styles, colours, and materials to suit every lifestyle. Rose gold watches are a great place to start if you are looking for something unique. They add a modern twist to traditional gold and silver watches. No collection is complete without a white or black watch too.

leather watch is the easiest way to add a touch of class and sophistication to any look. Whether you prefer something classic, or trendy, we've got something for every style, occasion and budget. It doesn't matter if you're looking for an entry-level piece with mechanical movement or a limited edition number, we have you covered

Choose from leading manufacturers including Seiko, Casio, Guess, Police, G-Shock, Baby-G, Armani Exchange, Bulova, Citizen, JAG, Lorus, Skagen, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Daniel Wellington, Fossil, Sekonda, Harison, Maserati, Maxum and Olivia Burton. Did we mention that we also have smart watches for adults? Check out our range of Reflex Active products while you are here. 

Looking for a gift to mark an important milestone, such as a birthday, graduation, or a promotion? A timepiece is a brilliant choice. Find the perfect timepiece for the trend-setters, the action heroes, and the luxury seekers too. Of course, a diamond watch is an ideal gift for that special lady in your life. Diamonds are a girl's best friend right? Our ladies' designer pieces are unrivalled. 

With timepieces featuring the latest technology, modern styles, and impeccable timekeeping, you are sure to find the perfect timepiece for your needs at Shiels. From stainless steel to pieces with quartz movement, we have the biggest range at unbeatable prices. Be sure to check out our chronographs too.

If you're a graduate nurse or someone looking to upgrade an outdated timepiece, we have a range of nurses watchesLooking for a waterproof digital piece and want to find out how water resistant your timepiece is? Our watch care guide is a great place to start.

How to choose the best watch?

With so many different styles, brands, and features, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision. But with a few key considerations in mind, finding the best watch for you can be a breeze.


The first step to choosing the best watch is to determine what you will be using it for. Will it be for everyday wear, special occasions, outdoor activities, or professional purposes? You might require different features and styles depending on your need, so consider what you will be using the watch for before making a purchase.

Watches come in many different forms. Sports watches are great at helping you set goals and track your fitness growth. For aesthetic purposes, dress watches will always impress when you take them out. And, if you’re after functionality, digital watches and smart watches are the way to go, with a huge range of features and timekeeping modes. 


Watches can range from $50 or less to thousands of dollars, so it is important to set a budget before making a purchase.

Expensive watches come with more features and functions, while affordable timepiece can be more simple. Gold watches and powerful diving watches tend to be pricier, and that’s well justified by their quality. Even still, it's easy to find amazing watches on a low budget. 


The movement of a watch refers to how it keeps time. There are two main types of movements, quartz and mechanical. Quartz watches are powered by a battery and are accurate and affordable. Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are powered by a spring and are generally more intricate and expensive. Nowadays, almost all mechanical watches are automatic, meaning they’ll charge as you walk. 


Consider the brand of the watch you are interested in. Some brands specialise in toughness, functionality, or pure looks. Have a look through each watchmaker's designs and do some reading about what makes them tick. You’ll find the right brand for you in no time. 

How do I style my watch? 

Watches are timeless accessories that can elevate any outfit. Not only do they keep you on time, but they also add a touch of class and style to your look. But how do you style your watch to match your outfit? 

Choose The Right Size

Watches come in all sizes, from petite to large. The right size for you depends on your wrist size and the look you want to achieve. If you have a small wrist, opt for a petite watch. If you have a larger wrist, a larger watch will look better on you.

Sizing can also come down to your personal style. If you like high-tech diving watches, you'll appreciate the heavy-duty look and thickness they bring. 

Pick The Right Band

The band of your watch can make or break the look of your outfit. Leather bands are versatile and go well with casual and professional outfits. Metal watches also look great with formal wear and add a touch of sophistication. On the other hand, silicone bands are perfect for a sporty look, and are common in diving watches. For a comfortable everyday look, opt for a fabric strap! Choose a band that complements your outfit and personal style.

Think About Colour

Watches come in a variety of colours, from neutral to bold. When choosing a watch, think about the colours you wear most often and choose a watch that complements those colours. Neutral colours like black, silver, and gold are versatile and go with almost anything. Red, blue, and green watches add a pop of colour to your outfit. 

How to extend the lifespan of your watch?

Whether you have a high-end watch or a simple timepiece, it's important to take care of it to ensure it lasts for years to come. Here are some tips to help you extend the lifespan of your watch.

  1. Regular Cleaning: A simple cleaning routine can help keep your watch in top shape. Clean the bracelet and case regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials as they can damage the watch.
  2. Store Properly: When not in use, store your watch in a safe place away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. 
  3. Avoid Water Damage: Most watches are water-resistant, but not waterproof. Avoid exposing your watch to water, especially saltwater, as this can cause rust and corrosion. If you need to clean your watch use a damp cloth without too much saturation.
  4. Be Careful with Exposure to Magnets: Watches contain small magnets that are used to keep time. Prolonged exposure to strong magnets can interfere with the functioning of the watch and cause it to stop working. 

Don't forget to shop using our finance options. We offer Afterpay watches, Klarna, Zip, humm, Laybuy, and Latitude Interest Free. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $69! You have the option to choose between regular and express shipping. Our fast-dispatch items are guaranteed to arrive at your door sooner. Just look for the green truck!

For Watches in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and North Queensland, you can't go past Shiels. Shop online or in store now.

What are the most popular watch brands?

At Shiels, our most popular brands are G-Shock, Casio, Seiko, Tommy Hilfiger and Citizen. However, it depends entirely on what you want to get out of your timepiece. Each brand offers a range of different styles and functions. If you would like to find out more, simply filter your search by popularity descending. 

Do Shiels watches come with a manual?

While all of our timepieces come with a manual, some are now online only. If you don’t have the original manual, a quick search online for your particular model number can help you find resources for your timepiece. 

Reading the instructions is one of the most important aspects of care. Whenever you purchase a new timepiece, you should always consult the manual to find out how to take care of it.

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