Garnet Necklaces
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Garnet Necklaces

Garnet is one of the most stunning and affordable stones on the market. Without breaking the bank, you can shop this stone at Shiels Jewellers and add a beautiful garnet necklace to your jewellery collection.

A stone most likened to the pomegranate seed for its strong pink-red colour, the garnet is thought to be able to sharpen the perception of the wearer and is often chosen for celebrating second anniversaries. 

The collection of garnet necklaces from Shiels features this stunning stone set into gold designs. Depending on your taste you can choose a necklace that features the stone prominently, or a design where the stone is set in the centre of intricate gold patterning. No matter what your choice may be, these necklaces are a must have.

Shiels also offers garnet earrings, or if you want even more garnet in your life, mix and match your necklace with the garnet earrings to round out your accessories. 

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