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What has your career journey looked like at Shiels?

I started off as a casual, and at the time it was put to me, 'do you want to be store manager one day?' I said yes, but first I want to learn everything. Because I had previous management background I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could before stepping into that higher role. 

I was casual at Logan for about two years, and then the opportunity came up to step up into a 'manager in training' role. I was then very quickly thrust into the manager role here as the team needed that.

So yeah, just kind of naturally progressed as it did, which was really, really good. I'm really happy in this position. This is such a good spot, really happy.

What is success for a store in your eyes?

Getting your KPIs (performance goals) and your customer service as well. At the end of the day, you want to have your customers be your priority and everything else kind of flows from there.

So, if you're looking after your customers in the way that Shiels wants to do and how we should, all your other KPIs and everything else will come back very successfully.

What's the culture like within the team?

Everybody here is here to have a good time, basically. And that in turn creates a positive environment, really good vibes in the store that then flows onto everything else that we do and all the goals for our customers.

Favourite product category?

Gemstones! I love gemstones, I actually collect gems. So, I have a fair collection of Australian localised Tasmanian sapphires, opal, special Australian emeralds

So I collect gemstones as my hobby. It's my very expensive hobby. So when we get new product here I get super, super excited. I'm the first one to go, 'I wanna buy this, I wanna buy that!' 

The bulk of what I tend to pick up, my myself is gemstones. Everyone loves diamonds, loves the gold. But I love gemstones. And I love my watches!

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