A Guide To Kids Smart Watches

1. smart watches may help you keep an eye on your child

With a whole spate of safety functions such as GPS tracking, emergency buttons that allow children to send distress alerts to their parents or even authorities in just a few clicks as well as geofencing which enables you to receive alerts on your smartphone when your child has wandered out of a designated safe zone that you have set. These functions allow you to keep a close eye on your children without feeling like you are being too invasive and they make the decision to finally cut the umbilical cord that much easier. 

2. Smart watches promote health & fitness

Much like regular adult smart watches, kid's smart watches are packed full of functions that allow your child to track their health and fitness. Functions such as a heart rate monitor, a step and distance counter, an activity goal setter, hydration alerts as well as a sleep quality tracker. It is also a great way to remind your child to drink water to ensure that they are getting in their daily intake, particularly on hot days where staying hydrated is crucial. 

3. Learn the time & Good timekeeping habits

Many kids smart watches are chock-a-block full of educational games to teach children very valuable life lessons, including the importance of learning how to tell the time. While the world of technology has introduced the world to a myriad of new skills to master, it has allowed us to neglect old life lessons that were a big part of life back in the day. Fortunately, kids smart watches are packed with games that will help brush up your child's timekeeping skills. There is even a setting on some watches that displays a mock analogue watch.

4. An Easy way of staying in touch

With messaging functions, kids smart watches can make it a lot easier to communicate a change of plans or keep in touch with them throughout the day. With smart watches, it is also a lot easier to set restrictions on who your child can and can't talk on their device than it is with smartphones. These functions are also a handy way to check up on your kids' wellbeing when they are not with you as they are at school, at a friend's house, a birthday party or away on camp.

5. A Better Peace of Mind

Kid's smart watches are loaded with parental controls and safety features that dictate what your child can and can't do when using their device. Because of this, you are not only able to control who they communicate with, what games they play and whether they have access to the camera that many kids smart watches come equipped with. Another bonus of kid's smart watches is that, unlike smartphones and tablets that are generally linked up to your credit card or expenses account, smart watches are not. This means that your child has less of a chance of running up any crazy expensive account bills due to willingly or accidentally making purchases when playing certain games and apps.

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