Meet Shiels Runaway Bay Store Manager

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What has your career journey been like at Shiels?

I've spent ten years with the company. So, I started at Loganholme as a casual and worked my way through to keyholder there.

I then opened up a store at Grand Plaza and worked there as an assistant manager for two years. I opened this store about 18 months ago as an assistant manager, and now hopefully going into management.

What is success for your store in your eyes?

Definitely getting our name out on the coast. So us being a brand new store to the Gold Coast, it was really important for us that we branded ourselves down here.

We're very strong online. But we're really excited to be a physical store here. A lot of people walk past and go, 'Oh, you're actually a store, not just online.' So it was important for us to make a good name.

What's your favourite things about your role?

I love training. So this has been a very good store for training at the moment because we've got the new stores down the coast opening. I get a lot of reward out of that, so yeah, I like to lead.

How would you describe the culture at the company and in your store?

Here? I think it's awesome. So, I think the culture here is really lovely. We're quite laid back but efficient. 

I like to get to know the team as well. We're all individual people, we're not just staff members — for me that's important. That way we all work together as a team.  

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