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Q&Q SmileSolar Watches
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Q&Q SmileSolar Watches

Jewellery and watches are great but they’re hardly eco-friendly. Sit back and watch the compliments roll in with a Q&Q Smile Solar Watch around your wrist. Find the perfect balance between environmentally conscious and eternally stylish with Q&Q SmileSolar Watches.

Are you always ahead of the trends, always on the move and always looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint? Then these are the watches for you. Built on the basis that the watch changes light to energy, it’s environmentally green. There is no need to change the battery, reducing its environmental impact. This solar powered wristwatch doesn’t stop there, for every watch that is purchased, a portion of the proceeds are donated to TABLE FOR TWO, which is an organisation that delivers school meals to children in Africa and Asia.

Not only are these watches smart, they’re also extremely stylish and modern. Whether you’re looking for mens watches,  womens watches or even watches for kids, we’ve got something for you in our smile solar watch range because they’re all unisex design. Some of the options include an on trend white on white version, a daring red on white version, and a functional mini version in powder blue. 

Pick your favourite colour, pattern and size from our range of smile solar watches online or in-store. You can browse more womens watches online. Stay ahead of the times, literally, with a smile solar watch from Shiels!

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