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Skagen Watches
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    Skagen Horisont SKW2739 Grey Leather Mens Watch
  2. Clearance
    Skagen Karolina SKW2723 Blue Leather Womans Watch
  3. Clearance
    Skagen Anita SKW2719 Blue Leather Womens Watch
  4. Clearance
    Skagen Aaren SKW6469 Blue Leather Mens Watch
  5. Clearance
    Skagen SKW6451 Signature Solar Watch
    Skagen SKW6451 Signature Solar Watch Now
  6. Clearance
    Skagen SKW6446 Hagen Mens Watch
    Skagen SKW6446 Hagen Mens Watch
    $199.20 $249.00
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    Skagen SKW2696 Signature Slim Nude Ladies Watch
  8. Clearance
    Skargen Karolina SKW2688 Ladies Rose Mesh Watch
  9. Clearance
    Skagen Anita SKW2634 Ladies Watch
    Skagen Anita SKW2634 Ladies Watch Now
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    Skagen SKW6430 'Signatur' Black Strap Mens Watch
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Skagen Watches

Discover the finest in simple, modern Danish design with our collection of Skagen watches for men and women - available online at Shiels Jewellers.

Applying a minimalist mindset and an intense passion for great design to their full range of stylish stainless steel watches, Skagen’s quality and attention to detail speaks for itself. To wear one of these thoughtfully crafted timepieces is to signal a refined taste and an eye for superior quality.

Skagen watches from Shiels includes both women’s watches and men’s watches in a range of styles, functions, band types and even hybrid smartwatches. Choose from a selection of metal and leather bands to suit your own style paired with functions that mirror your lifestyle.

Simplify your life by embracing the best of Scandinavian minimalism combined with contemporary innovation and improve your relationship with both your style and your time.

Discover the collection of impeccably designed Skagen watches Australia is talking about. Shop the full range of watches for men and women online or instore at Shiels Jewellers today.

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