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Sleeper Earrings
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Sleeper Earrings

Do you remove your earrings every night before going to sleep? Many of us forget and wake up with sore ear lobes. The answer is to wear sleeper earrings. Traditionally, these plain hoop earrings are worn by people who have just had their ears pierced for the first time. However, these simple but stylish earrings can be worn continuously throughout the day, night, or for as long as you want.

Sleeper earrings are useful because they help to retain the piercing in your ear. Frequently, this type of earring is made from sterling silver but we offer an immaculate selection of gold sleeper earrings here at Shiels. These are some of the highest quality sleeper earrings Australia has to offer, so you can shop online in confidence.

Simple styles of hoop earrings like these are making a bit of a come back. It's not all about exotic jewels and complex designs. Sometimes the more basic your jewellery is, the more your natural beauty can shine. Not to mention, they're infinitely more comfortable to wear. Our sleeper earrings are lightweight and non-irritating. So if you are looking for a day to night earring, shop online or in-store today.

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