Earrings & More 90s Jewellery Trends: How To Wear Them Now

Earrings & More 90s Jewellery Trends: How To Wear Them Now

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 The 90s was truly an iconic era of street fashion and accessories, which continues to be referenced today. From platform shoes and crop tops to spaghetti strap dresses and leather blazers, the influence of the 90s is weaved throughout many of the fashion trends we see today. 90s jewellery trends have even inspired some brands to dip into their archives and bring back pieces that were initially released during this time. 

While jewellery will always be timeless, there is no doubt that people have clung to particular styles over the decades including the 90s. Whether it’s the stylish pair of hoop earrings or grungy cross necklaces that ruled the world during this decade, there’s no denying that fashionistas are falling for these nostalgic jewellery trends.

So, we’re looking back at our favourite 90s jewellery trends and how to style them now.

90s Jewellery - Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston


90s Jewellery Trends: How To Wear Them Now

Hoop Earrings

While other earring trends seem to come and go, hoop earrings are the one that we just keep coming back to. Hoop earrings initially became a trend during the disco era of the 1970s and the glam period of the 1980s, however, they really hit the big time in the 1990s. From classic gold hoop earrings to dainty huggie earrings, it seems that everyone was rocking hoops during this time. Hoops are not only incredibly timeless, but they stand out very well, especially as people tended to wear more minimalist outfits and neutral tones during this era. Hoop earrings were also very popular among celebrities and were frequently worn by Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera.

90s Jewellery Trends: How To Wear Them Now - Hoop earrings

Today, this 90s jewellery trend is being embraced in so many ways, particularly, among millennials and Gen-Z. With dainty jewellery styles trending, you will typically see fashionistas embracing thin gold and silver hoop earrings, smaller and flatter gemstone-sets, classic huggies or diamond hoop earrings.

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9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Plain 6x16mm Hoop Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Plain 6x16mm Hoop Earrings


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Sterling Silver 30mm Plain Half Round Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver 30mm Plain Half Round Hoop Earrings


A wardrobe staple, we love these 30mm plain half round hoop earrings. The earrings are an everyday must-have.… read more

9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Twisted Braid 20mm Hoops Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Twisted Braid 20mm Hoops Earrings


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Choker Necklaces

The 90s was a decade that saw a lot of rebellion through the rise of grunge. While grunge started off as an alternative rock music subgenre, championed by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, it eventually snowballed into a a subculture. This resulted in grunge influencing everything from art and design to films and eventually fashion. The grunge era was extremely influential for fashion, whether it was people wearing flannelette shirts and leather or lace-up Doc Martens, these fashion items were all hot commodities during the 90s. Grunge also had a major impact on jewellery and accessories, particularly in the rise of choker-style necklaces.

90s Jewellery - Choker Necklaces

Embodying many aesthetics, choker necklaces come in many different forms, from chains and diamond necklaces to little black fabric strands held together by a short necklace clasp and of course the iconic tattoo chokers. During the 90s, Princess Diana also famously made pearl chokers a mainstay when she sported a choker-style pearl necklace with a black, figure-hugging off-the-shoulder gown that was quickly deemed the revenge dress. These days, people are more conservative when it comes to embracing this 90s jewellery trend, swapping daisy chains in favour of subtle stone-step creations, mesh gold chains, and even silk scarves and bandanas.

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Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Black Velvet 30-36cm Choker Chain

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Black Velvet 30-36cm Choker Chain


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Chandelier Earrings

Hoops and huggies weren’t the only earrings trending in the 90s.  Big and bold statement earrings, known as chandelier earrings also reigned supreme. Worn by the likes of Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz and Cindy Crawford, gigantic drop earrings with bold and intricate detailing dominated the red carpets, runaways and fashion magazines. The most popular drop earring designs were ones that practically resembled ornate works of art and even table centrepieces. Adorned with everything from glistening brilliant round cut diamonds and luscious gemstones to the more cost-friendly luxe pieces featuring crystal and zirconia, people could really count on this 90s earrings trend to make a statement with their look.

90s Jewellery Trends - Chandelier Earrings

In the modern era, fashionistas tend to reach for more pared-back chandelier-style earrings compared to what was popular throughout the 90s. Perhaps one of the most popular designs to evolve from chandelier earrings is threader earrings. These dainty, chain-style earrings often feature some type of unique embellishment on the end and are a great way to utilise this 90s jewellery trend. Pair seamlessly with a slicked-back updo, and if you have multiple earrings you can even incorporate them into a daring earring stack. If you do tend to go for the bold, you can adopt this 90s earrings trend by rocking some chandelier earrings with tassels or natural gems.

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Sterling Silver Rose Plated Zirconia Pear Earrings

Sterling Silver Rose Plated Zirconia Pear Earrings


This glamorous sterling silver and cubic zirconia earrings are trendy and have just arrived. Total height -2.7cm. Cocktail ring and Pendant also available.… read more

Thin Bangles and Cuffs

Whether worn with an old faithful pair of blue denim jeans or an opulent evening gown, arm candy really had a big moment in the 90s. And while celebrities and fashionistas adorned all types of wrist-wear during this period, including dress watches and playful charm bracelets, it was really bangles and cuffs that caught their eye. Stars like Drew Barrymore, Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman were such big champions of this 90s jewellery trend and sported them in such unique ways. Barrymore’s double bangle stack, as well as Kidman and Thurman’s forearm bangles made waves amongst fashionistas in the 90s.

Earrings & More 90s Jewellery Trends: How To Wear Them Now | Thin Bangles

Rather than the quirky and eccentrically decorated designs that people were reaching for back then, today’s jewellery lovers invest in more classic designs including solid-coloured bangles and metallic cuffs adorned in gold, silver or chrome. Stone-set gold bangles with richly-coloured natural gemstones are also very popular in the fashion world. Instead of wearing them high up like Uma and Nicole, a lot of people are opting to wear their cuffs in the crook of their arms or on their wrists. However, much to the delight of many nostalgists out there, the bangle stack is still in fashion till this day.

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Stainless Steel 3mmx 65mm Crystal Bangle

Stainless Steel 3mmx 65mm Crystal Bangle


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Statement Necklaces

Out of all of the 90s jewellery trends that dictated the style of the decade, the one that took the world by storm was statement necklaces and pendants. From goth-inspired crosses and grungy name and initial necklaces to playful heart pendants, fabric tie andrichly-coloured beaded and gemstone necklaces were also a staple. But if there is one 90’s jewellery trend that really caught on, it was statement necklaces that were inspired by marine life, namely shark tooth pendants, shell necklaces or any type of pearl jewellery.

Earrings & More 90s Jewellery Trends: How To Wear Them Now | Statement Necklaces

While maximalist pieces including bib necklaces and negligee pendants were practically everywhere throughout the 2000s and early 2010s, daintier styles including zodiac necklaces, initial jewellery, sleek silver and gold chains ruled the 2010s and early 2020s. People are now beginning to embrace larger styles, including pearl necklaces with the famous ‘pearl core’ trend, locket necklaces, snake chains, chain link necklaces, natural gem pendants and anything celestial-inspired. From short pearl chokers to pearl necklaces worn with medallions and other charms, it seems statement necklaces adorned with pearls are everywhere at the moment. 


How do you style a 90s choker?

For the classic fabric clasp chokers, try styling with a casual t-shirt, singlet or slip dress. For diamond and pearl chokers, style with a formal dress, or a black or white top. 

What were popular fashion trends in the 90s?

Some of the most popular trends that were seen in the 90s include slip dresses, bomber jackets, plaid flannel shirts, scrunchies, boob tubes, mood rings, flared jeans, platform sneakers and pleated skirts. 

Should I have gold or silver 90s jewellery?

Your skin tone is a helpful guide to choosing what jewellery pieces work better for you. As a general rule, cooler skin tones should opt for silver jewellery as it appears more natural. For people with warmer skin tones, choose gold pieces.

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