Diamond Cuts

Brilliant round cut

Likely the most popular diamond cut on the market, brilliant round cut diamonds are pretty much used for everything from diamond earrings and diamond rings all the way to diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces. The thing that many diamond jewellery lovers admire the most about the round cut stone is its versatility. With around 58 facets, well cut round diamonds have a tremendous sparkle, hence why you will often find them in diamond solitaire engagement rings, halo rings, diamond cluster rings and many other popular engagement ring designs.

Princess Cut

Boasting flat, rounded edges and corners that are curved at a 90-degree angle, diamonds that have been polished into a princess cut shape are more than just a simple square diamond. Giving off a slightly more contemporary aesthetic, the princess cut evolved from the French-cut which is essentially a square cut. With the same amount of facets as round cut diamonds, you will typically find princess cut stones in diamond jewellery that features as channel setting as well as the massively popular princess-cut engagement rings.

Emerald Cut diamond

Notable for their long and rectangular facets that almost resemble steps, the emerald cut diamond is modelled after a cut commonly used for emerald jewellery to prevent any chipping or breakage during the polishing process. Adorned with around 57 facets, emerald cut diamonds may not have the brightest sparkle but their larger is hugely popular among those that aspire to own a larger diamond at a slightly more affordable price point. Emerald cut engagement rings are particuarly popular among brides with an interest in art-deco jewellery.

Oval Cut diamond

Essentially an elongated version of a round cut diamond, oval cut diamonds offer a tremendous amount of brilliance and durability. A popular choice for diamond stud earrings and rings, a lot of people favour oval engagement rings because they appear larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat and clarity. Diamond rings with an oval stone can also help elongate the fingers, something that can help them appear more leaner as less stubby. Oval diamonds are also popular among Hollywood's elite with the likes of Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian having been spotted sporting oval cut diamond rings. Kate Middleton's iconic diamond and sapphire engagement ring is also cut into an oval shape.

pear cut diamond

With a pointed end that almost resembles a teardrop or a raindrop, pear cut diamonds are one of the more contemporary diamond shapes out there. Extremely hard to come by in the diamond world, pear cut diamonds are created by combining brilliant round cut diamonds and marquise cut diamonds. Pear cut diamonds are typically used for earrings in a stud or drop style, dress rings, diamond pendants and of course ,pear shaped engagement rings. While they do offer a wonderful sparkle, pear cut diamonds are more so lauded for their unique shape that helps ephasise even the simplest of settings. Much like oval cut and emerald cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds also appear larger than their counterparts of the same carat size.

marquise cut diamond

One of the more traditional stone cuts out there, the marquise cut embodies some of the elements of the oval cut stone but is effectively a diamond that has been polished into a geometric diamond shape. Featurting two points on either end of the stone, marquise cut diamonds were very popular during the 1800s. However, the diamond cut has been around since the 18th century and was created after King Louis XV of France comissioned a jeweller to create a diamond cut that was modelled after the lips of his lover, Jean Antoinette Poisson, theMarchioness Madame de Pompadour. The diamond cut would see a resurgence in popularity throughout the 1990s when daintier jewellery was all the rage among women getting engaged.

Cushion Cut diamond

Another more traditional diamond shape, cushion cut diamonds feature a square body with rounded edges that resemble a pillow. With origins that date back to the 1700s, cushion cut diamonds borrow their unique facets from an ancient diamond cut referred to as the old mine cut diamond. Old mine cut diamonds are extremely rare today, however, their spirit argubly lives on in the more timeless cushion cut diamond. Cushion cut diamonds are used for everything from diamond bracelets to dress rings. Cushion cut engagement rings are also very popular among those with an interest in vintage-inspired and antique jewellery. Actress Grace Kelly famously received a cushion cut diamond when she became engaged to Monaco royal, Prince Rainer III, the ring is reportedly worth around $4 million today.

baguette Cut diamond

Baguette cut diamonds are a thin and elongated rectangular diamond. Occasionally referred to as 'straight' or 'tapered' diamonds, baguettes may not be held in the same regard as a round, cushion or emerald cut diamond, however, they make for terrific accents. Often used to accentuate other diamonds in jewellery as well as in wedding rings, eternity rings, tennis bracelets and pieces arranged in a cluster setting, their low cost not only makes them a great alternative to other diamond cuts with step facets such as the emerald cut and asscher cut but they are also great for those looking for a slightly more dainty diamond piece. With only 14 facets their spakle is minimal, but when it is paired with other diamond cuts and multiple baguettes, they still manage to conjure up a beautiful shine. 

Heart Cut diamond

Recognised as the ultimate symbol of love, heart cut diamonds are labelled as such because when they sit perfectly symmetrically they make a beautiful heart shape on a person's hand. Somewhat of an enigma in the jewellery world, their unique shape helps bring a great deal of feminine energy and romance to their wearer's look. Often accentuated by pave and halo settings, finding the perfect heart cut diamond is by no means an easy feat as their unique shape can only be replicated by the world's most skilled diamond cutters, hence why the perfect heart cut diamond can be very hard to come by. Given the value and the significance behind this diamond shape, it should come as no surprise that heart cut diamonds are popular with some of the world's most famous faces including, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Nicki Minaj who have all sported heart cutdiamond engagement ringsat one point or another.

asscher cut diamond

With a brilliance like no other, asscher cut diamonds are essentially a squarer version of the emerald cut diamond but twice as sparkly. Featuring around 72 x-shaped facets from its corners to its centre, asscher cut diamonds have more facets than any other diamond cut. With origins that date back to 1902, the asscher cut diamond was first introduced by Holland's Asscher Diamond Company which was run by the Assher brothers. Their popularity weined during the Great Depression and thereafter where you would likely only come across this cut in vitage jewellery. The shape would see a surge in popularity during the 2000s, especially after actress Elizabeth Taylor's death. Taylor's most famous diamond engagement ring given to her by actor, Richard Burton was a 33.19-carat asscher cut diamond ring.

flawlwss cut diamond

Our Flawless Cut collection was created in response to the need for perfectly cut and polished stones. Each ring features a diamond set on the inside of the band, symbolising commitment, authenticity and appreciation. It's the perfect way to celebrate life's most important moments.Jewellery from our Flawless Cut collection is designed with you in mind, and it's all about encouraging you to express your individual taste and style. Each piece is unique, with its own identity number engraved on the mounting of the piece. But what also makes Flawless Cut collection so special is the diamond's facets. When you holda Flawless Cut diamond up to the light and view it from the top or bottom, you will be treated to the beautiful sight of hearts and arrows which is the result of an optical illusion created as each facet refracts the light.

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