Diamond Style Guide

When you wear your diamond jewellery, you want to do your best to make it stand out. It is after all the statement piece of your entire outfit and with the crazy amounts you often pay for them, you want to ensure that they don't get lost in your look. Whether it is a pair of everyday diamond earrings or a decadent diamond bracelet, the way you choose to style your diamonds can make the world of difference to your outfit. 

No matter the occasion or the kind of look you are going for, our diamond style guide has handy tips for everyone who is hoping to get the most wear out of their most valuable jewellery

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How To Wear Diamonds

Not only do diamonds provide your outfit with an endless sparkle, but they are also incredibly versatile. This means that you can basically wear diamonds with anything. However, fashion icon Coco Chanel famously said that we should look in the mirror before we leave the house and remove at least one accessory. And like most accessories, there is a time and a place for everything-including your diamonds. How you choose to wear your diamonds all comes down to the occasion that you are wearing them for. So without further ado, here's how to wear diamonds at various occasions including while running everyday earrings, when you're at the office and at your next formal event. 

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Wearing Diamonds every day 

Whether you are running errands or headed on a brunch date with your best girlfriends, when you choose to wear certain diamond pieces on a daily basis you should do so with a less is more approach. Too much sparkle in your casual attire can make you appear overdressed and leaves much to be desired when you do get all dressed up for an event. Avoid larger, bulkier accessories such as jewellery with diamond cluster settings and diamond rings with a halo setting, these pieces can take too much attention away from your understated yet glamorous look. Instead, opt for daintier diamond accessories including fine diamond pendants, timeless diamond stud earrings and pave diamond rings. You should also consider mixing metals for a more pared-back look. Although some may be turned off by the idea of mixing yellow gold jewellery and white gold jewellery or even silver, this creates a subtle statement that doesn't take any of the shine away from your other pieces. 

Wearing Diamonds To Work 

When it comes to wearing diamonds to the office, it is ideal to adopt a more practical approach. Three things to consider when rocking your office jewellery is whether the items you are wearing going to be too distracting for your colleagues and if they are going to get in the way while you are trying to concentrate on your work. Pieces like bangles can make too much noise when they clank together and hit other objects, this can be a nuisance in a quiet office environment. Meanwhile, diamond drop earrings can be too distracting and will take too much attention away from your face, something that is not ideal during important board meetings and such. Instead, you should limit yourself to just three diamond accessories such as a stylish diamond dress ring, a dainty tennis bracelet, as well as an elegant pair of stud earrings or a mid-sized pair of diamond hoop earrings or even huggie earrings. These diamond accessories pair extremely well with corporate wear and don't take attention away from your face or the rest of your attire. 

Wearing Diamonds To Formal Events 

When you're all decked out in your best dress, diamonds just happen to be the go-to accessory which gives you a bit more free reign when it comes to the jewellery that you choose to wear. After all, you want to be the belle of the ball when you are wearing your best pieces. When it comes to accessorising your look for things like weddings and other formal events, don't be afraid to go a little bold with your look. Embrace coloured diamonds in order to bring a little vibrance to your look, sparkle endlessly with some of the larger diamonds in your collection that you tend to reserve for special occasions or get creative with diamond jewellery adorned with gemstones. When dressing your look for events, pay attention to the neckline of your outfit and the hairstyle that you rock. Replace your dainty pendants with a grand diamond necklace, add some jazzy diamond bangles and complement your do with a regal pair of diamond drop earrings. By taking this approach, rest assured that you will remain the centre of attention at your next event. 

Which Way Do You Wear A Pear-Shaped Diamond?

Pear-shaped diamonds can be tricky to wear as their unique shape can make it confusing as to whether you are wearing them the right way or not. Whether it's earrings or a pear-shaped engagement ring, there is technically no right or wrong way to wear these pieces, however, the way in which you choose to wear these diamonds can help magnify your look and emphasise some of your best features. When it comes to dress rings and engagement rings with a pear-shaped diamond, wearing the pointed end facing outwards will not only make your earrings appear more slender and elongated but could also help give the illusion of a bigger diamond. On the contrary, having earlobes that look slightly elongated due to your earrings is not ideal. With that said, wearing a pear-shaped earring with the point faced upwards so that it resembles a teardrop will help frame your face and look incredibly elegant.

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Can Anyone Wear Diamonds?

One of the great things about diamonds is that they are universal. No matter your shape, size, age or gender, everyone has the ability to rock diamonds. With style only becoming more and more fluid, you will likely come across plenty of diamond-centric pieces in many brands' men's jewellery collections. Whether you are a man who is keen on adding some luxe to your look or someone who is just eager to spoil the man in your life by gifting him that perfect forever piece, the possibilities are truly endless. From diamond rings and pendants all the way to chains, bracelets and even earrings, there is no shortage of options out there for men. 

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The same goes for children and even babies. Everyone remembers the first bit of jewellery that they ever receive. Whether it's an adorable baby bangle gifted by a loved one to commemorate your first birthday or a stunning cross necklace to commemorate religious milestones in your life such as a Christening or Holy Communion, everyone holds onto the first meaningful piece of jewellery they receive as a token of their youth. As a result, you will also find many diamond options in kid's jewellery. However, unlike women's and men's jewellery, you won't find grand diamond pieces like diamond rings and diamond bangles, instead, you will find daintier pieces with a small diamond in it to compliment the child's active lifestyle. Think kid's necklaces, kid's bracelets, kid's earrings and a myriad of other playful accessories that would allow for your child's personality to shine through.

Find out which diamond shape suits your personality by taking our quiz below! 

Do Men Wear Diamonds?

We know there are plenty of diamond options for them, but do men actually wear diamonds? 

The answer is yes!

No more than ever, males are becoming confident enough to elevate their look with diamonds and we're not just talking about men's engagement rings. Modern men have been known to embrace all kinds of diamond accessories from sleek chains and pendants all the way to diamond earrings. A big reason men's diamond jewellery has taken off is because of Hollywood's biggest male trendsetters have also been embracing a little sparkle. Stars like musicians Harry Styles and Lenny Kravitz as well as actors Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Timothee Chalemet, Robert Downey Jr. and many more have been known to sport a little diamond jewellery in their time. 

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And it is not just the world's brightest stars getting on the men's diamond jewellery bandwagon, high-end brands including Gucci, Cartier and Tiffany are also diversifying their product range to include more than just men's diamond rings. Some brands, including us here at Shiels, are also making a case for unisex jewellery containing diamonds. Much like unisex clothing, unisex jewellery is jewellery that is made to suit everyone regardless of their age, gender, size and styling preferences. Some watch brands including Citizen, Seiko and many more are even making an effort to include diamond-encrusted watches in their range for those keen to add some glamour and functionality to their look. 

How To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

When you get a new diamond, whether it be a simple pair of stud earrings or a dazzling diamond engagement ring chances are you are going to be keen to show it off. Something that impacts your ability to show off your diamond is its size. Anything over 1-carat is arguably going to cost you a lot of money, fortunately, there are a myriad of ways that you can make your diamond look bigger without paying a cent. 

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Opt For A Halo Or Cluster Setting

When it comes to diamonds, many jewellery shoppers have a real soft spot for pieces with a halo setting. Characterised by a small trail of pave diamonds that encircle a centre diamond, halo diamonds are renowned for their magnificent sparkle. But another benefit of halo diamonds is that their dazzling design can make your diamond appear bigger than it actually is, particularly if it's a halo ring. By providing your diamond with a border, halo settings can help bring some more volume to your piece by quite a margin - particularly when you eye them from a distance. The same goes for cluster settings. With a cluster setting, you can give people the illusion that your diamond features one large solitaire stone rather than a cluster of smaller diamonds. Diamonds that boast a cluster setting also tend to have a bigger and brighter sparkle, especially as they refract the light. 

Keep It Clean 

Another way to trick people into thinking your diamond is bigger is to keep it clean. Although, diamonds are one of the toughest minerals on earth that is not to say they don't require a little TLC every now and again. Making it a habit to frequently clean your diamonds with jewellery care products will not only keep your diamond's setting in good condition and prevent it from tarnishing, but it will also keep your diamond sparkling. Although, it might not be noticeable to the naked eye, when your diamond is in need of cleaning its sparkle can become dull and not as bright as it should be. When you clean your diamond on a regular basis you allow the stone to maintain its shine for many more years and make it appear bigger. 

Avoid Too Much Jewellery 

When you have too much clutter in your room it immediately makes your room feel smaller. This also applies to diamonds in the sense that too much jewellery in the same place can drastically affect how the diamond's size appears at a quick glance. So, if you're keen on keeping the illusion that your diamond is bigger than it looks, avoid wearing too many metal-heavy pieces at once. Instead, opt for daintier pieces that pair seamlessly together rather than jewellery that takes away from all of the individual pieces that you are wearing at once.

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