Are Ice Watches Any Good? & Other FAQs

Are Ice Watches Any Good? & Other FAQs

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Every day it seems like another emerging watch brand enters our peripheral, and this week the newest kid on the block at Shiels is Ice Watches. With over fifteen years of experience under their belts, Ice watches have made a name for themselves as a reliable watchmaker with a penchant for producing playful timepieces that bring a great deal of style and vibrancy to your look. 

From dapper women’s and men’s watches to trendy kid’s watches, there is truly something for anyone in this fashionable brand’s collection. But are Ice watches any good? Read on to find out all that and more!

Overview | Are Ice Watches Any Good?


About Ice Watches

Founded in 2007 by the Belgian Entrepreneur, Jean-Pierre Lutgen, Ice Watches have become a leading watchmaker in Europe and across the globe. With a retail presence in major European cities such as Brussels, Paris and Geneva, Ice watches have quickly established themselves as an entry-level brand that caters to people from all walks of life. From young ones looking for a timepiece to rock with their school uniform and retirees eager to spruce up their everyday look to everyone in between, Ice watches are at the forefront of making reliable, stylish and timeless men’s and women’s watches accessible to the masses. 

About Ice Watches | Are Ice Watches Any Good?

As the producers of everything from classic stainless steel watches and sporty silicone watches to elegant leather watches and eco-friendly solar watches, Ice watches have over 200 models in their armoury. All of which are consciously designed to reflect people’s style and personality with their playful colours and overall timeless aesthetic. Having conducted partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands including BMW Motorsport and Pantone Universe as well as chart-topping musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, David Guetta, Katy Perry Avril Lavigne and the Black Eyed Peas, Ice Watches have also positioned themselves as an international success story outside of the EU. 

Are Ice Watches Any Good?

We know that they’re good enough for style icons such as J.Lo and Katy Perry, but are Ice watches any good for us regular folk and our every day lifestyles? We investigate. 

While they may not be as pricey as dress watches or automatic watches from brands such as Seiko, Citizen and G-Shock, that is not to say that their budget-friendlier price tag diminishes their quality in any way. Designed on a continent that boasts many several countries that are leading the way with their watchmaking abilities, Ice watches very much hold their own in the fashion world. From daring red watches to sporty white watches, creating well-rounded designs that consist of vibrant hues in every shade of the rainbow is very much in the Ice watch brand’s DNA. They may not produce smartwatches, digital watches or any type of chronograph watch, but their timeless analogue dial only solidifies their status as the ideal piece for those looking for a simple yet timeless watch that is bursting with playfulness. 

Are Ice Watches Any Good? | Are Ice Watches Any Good?

Relying on materials such as hardwearing stainless steel and sturdy silicone to create the bands and cases on their models, Ice watches are also built to withstand the rigours of everyday life and activities such as running errands, attending work meetings, burning calories at the gym, breaking up a sweat on a job, or becoming one with nature on a hike. The wear and tear on timepieces made from stainless steel and silicone are also significantly better than other types of timepieces such as leather watches, which are often prone to cracks and residue seeing as they are not as easy to clean. The materials used to create Ice watches not only provides them with maximum durability but also offer the owner optimum comfort for long periods of wear without having to remove the watch.

Are Ice Watches Waterproof?

A majority of Ice Watches models are programmed to withstand 50-meters of water or 5 ATM. This is very much an industry standard among many watch brands on the market as many timepieces will fall into the bracket of 50-100 metres.

Are Ice Watches Waterproof? | Are Ice Watches Any Good?

While they are by no means diving watches, at 50-metres, Ice watches have a relatively decent level of water resistance. For context, at 50-metres means that your Ice watch will generally be safe from rain, splashes and even when you’re swimming in shallow water.  Unfortunately, watches have to have at least 100-metres water resistance or 10 ATM to be suitable for water activities like snorkelling. 

How Much Do Ice Watches Cost? 

The majority of Ice watches cost between $100 and $200. This makes their watches a relatively entry-level piece that won’t break the bank. Other watches that are of the same quality and style such as Casio watches, Lorus watches, Daniel Wellington watches and even Michael Kors watches or Guess watches will generally start around the $200-$250 mark. 

How Much Do Ice Watches Cost? | Are Ice Watches Any Good?

This wallet-friendly price tag not only makes Ice watches an excellent buy when looking for a timepiece upgrade that won’t break the bank but also when picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthday, at Christmas time or on another special occasion. Watches are excellent for gift-giving as not only are they something the person can get some use out of every day but is something that has to potential to last many years. 

Where Are Ice Watches Made?

Ice watches very much remain connected to their brand’s heritage, so much so that each model is carefully sketched and designed at Ice’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium before going through a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure the utmost quality. The brand also has a headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, a city that is renowned for producing some of the world’s most esteemed watchmakers. 

Where Are Ice Watches Made? | Are Ice Watches Any Good

In order to make their timepieces as reliable, hardwearing and accessible as possible, Ice watches sources their movements from Japan, the same country that creates the movements for Seiko watches, G-Shock watches and Citizen watches. The brand then relies on Chinese expertise to assemble and manufacture each model, while chief exporters in Hong Kong oversee the logistics and distribution of all Ice watches. 

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