The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

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From Kim Kardashian’s jaw-dropping cushion-cut creation to J Lo's vast collection of rings from previous and present lovers, celebrity engagement rings are the envy of many. It seems as though whenever the latest starlet debuts a big, bright sparkler on that finger in paparazzi photos or at the latest red carpet event we can't help but look on in awe. 

Whether you've been dreaming about engagement rings since you saw Cinderella fall in love with Prince Charming as a little kid or whether you are getting to that stage in your life where you and your partner are likely to become engaged pretty soon, the chances are your dream ring has been heavily influenced by the diamond engagement rings worn by royalty along with Hollywood's elite. 

From the cut of the diamond and the material of the band to whether you will incorporate gemstones or not, there is so much to consider when choosing your dream diamond ring for when your partner does eventually pop the question. 

So, from eclectic antique-inspired creations and dazzling modern marvels to the most vibrant gemstone engagement rings that you will ever come across, these are the celebrity engagement rings that you will be pinning to your literal or figurative Pinterest board for when that big day comes.


15 Of Our Favourite Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have come a long way since the days of Ancient Rome when women were given humble gold rings to symbolise entanglement and these 15 epic engagement rings worn by our brightest and most fashionable stars are certainly proof of that. 

Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was known not only for her incredible acting abilities but for her exceptional taste in luxurious things. An utter hopeless romantic, Liz married a total of eight times in her life, twice to the same guy and as you can imagine had a slew of decadent engagement rings that would put today's celebrities to shame. These marriages all produced dazzling diamond engagement rings that we couldn't help but drool over however none of them would be as epic as the 'Krupp diamond' given to Taylor by Welsh actor, Richard Burton during their second marriage in 1975. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Richard Burton is often regarded as Elizabeth's love and the large Asscher-cut that he presented her with after they reconciled is proof of how big that love was. Set onto a platinum band with tapered baguette diamonds positioned on either side of the central stone, the Krupp diamond has over 33.19-carats and has a clarity that is internally flawless according to a report conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2011. Renamed 'The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond' following the star's death in 2011, the ring sold at auction that same year for an eye-watering $8.8 million. 

Get Liz's Asscher-cut look for less with this dazzling 1-carat cushion-shaped diamond ring. 

18ct White Gold 3 Carat Diamond Ring

18ct White Gold 3 Carat Diamond Ring

$25,999.00 $39,999.00

Indulge in opulence and extravagance with our 18ct White Gold 3 Carat Diamond Ring. Exquisitely crafted, this stunning ring features a combination of dazzling diamonds totaling 3 carats, all elegantly set in 18ct white gold. The brilliance and size of… read more



Speaking of royalty, we couldn't present our favourite celebrity engagement rings without giving Queen Bey a mention. One of the most influential artists of our time, Beyonce's icon status would be solidified when she became linked with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. The pair would quietly become engaged in 2008 and would go on to marry that following year, forming one of the greatest musical dynasties. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

Despite the couple's high-flying lifestyle, not much has been revealed about how exactly the rapper got down on one knee but we do know a lot about the ring thanks to the eagle-eyed diamond enthusiasts. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, the jaw-dropping emerald-cut engagement ring has a thin platinum split shank band that is littered with an array of tiny brilliant-cut diamonds. The ring is a huge 24-carats and is said to be worth $5 million, practically a bargain for a couple with a combined wealth of $1.8 billion. 

Get Queen Bee's look with this decadent white gold diamond ring set.

Reese Witherspoon 

Constantly making it onto the best-dressed list, Hollywood's favourite Southern Belle Reese Witherspoon is as notable for her timeless fashion choices as she is for her work in front of and behind the camera. No stranger to high-profile relationships, the star would finally meet her match when she became engaged to talent agent Tim Roth. Neither a singer nor an actor, Roth is a great match for the down-to-earth star so it's no surprise that their marriage has been going strong for almost eleven years. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

What also remains strong is our love for the Legally Blonde star's elegant engagement ring. Boasting an extremely rare Ashoka-cut which is essentially an elongated cushion-cut diamond along with a dainty pave setting dressed in platinum or white gold. Both elegant and timeless, Reese's ring has somewhat of a vintage aesthetic to it along with a charm that is only comparable to her smile. Not surprisingly, a ring with a rare cut doesn't come cheap and this 4-carat piece probably set Reese's husband back around $160,000 to $200,000 USD.  

Get Reese's girl-next-door look with this sophisticated emerald-shaped white gold diamond ring. 

Jennifer Lopez 

A singer, actress, dancer and producer, J Lo has achieved a level of fame and notoriety that not many other celebrities have. Whether it is rocking some daring gown on the red carpet of some award show or debuting a music video that pushes all the boundaries, Jenny from the Block knows how to get people talking. But nothing gets people talking like Jennifer's many high-profile relationships and the decadent engagement rings that came out of them. And while J Lo has had many highly-publicised marriages and engagements, none of them quite match up to Bennifer. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

After falling in love with the film set for their movie Jersey Girl in 2002, Jennifer and fellow actor Ben Affleck formed a Hollywood couple for the ages. Every red carpet appearance they made and every paparazzi photo that surfaced was tabloid fodder. This only escalated when Ben popped the question to J Lo shortly after. Boasting a romantic blush pink hue, Jennifer's 6.1-carat engagement featured an elongated emerald-cut centre diamond with two smaller baguette diamonds on either side. It may have been modest compared to some of the engagement rings she has received since, however, the pink diamond ring was a fitting choice for this Latina diva and is reportedly now worth $12 million despite only being purchased for $1.2 million. 

And while they may not have made it to the aisle back in 2005, things are looking up for this iconic couple who just got engaged shortly after rekindling their relationship. For their 2022 engagement, Ben opted to upgrade J Lo's bling to an 8.5-carat cushion-cut engagement ring with an extremely rare natural green diamond worth somewhere in the ballpark of $10 million. 

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Get Jenny from the Block's pretty n' pink look with this playful rose gold morganite and diamond ring. 

9ct Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring

9ct Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring


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Kate Middleton

How could we not mention the bridal jewellery that came straight out of a fairytale? While studying at university, heir to the British Monarchy, Prince William found his princess when he laid eyes on fellow student Kate Middleton who was strutting her stuff on the catwalk for a charity fashion show in 2001. The two then began an on-and-off relationship before finally sealing the deal in 2011 at a wedding that was seen by some hundred million people. The ceremony was the stuff of legend, as is the wedding bling that the Duchess of Cambridge now sports on her finger. 

 The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

When the Duke of Cambridge proposed to Kate, he did so with a stunning 18-carat sapphire ring surrounded by 14 round-cut diamonds in a pattern that almost resembles a flower. Aside from the beauty and timelessness of this unique ring, it also carries immense sentimental value, because it was once worn by William's late mother, Princess Diana. Despite costing around $36,000 back in 1981 (a somewhat humble amount for royalty), the sapphire engagement ring is essentially priceless and remains one of the most recognised items of jewellery in history. 

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Get Princess Kate and Lady Di's sapphire look for less with this sensational diamond and sapphire piece. 

18ct Ring with 2.70 Carat Natural Sapphire and 0.70ct Diamonds "Princess Catherine"

18ct Ring with 2.70 Carat Natural Sapphire and 0.70ct Diamonds


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Meghan Markle

When it was announced that everyone's favourite bachelor, Prince Harry had finally settled down with a little-known actress named Meghan Markle, women all over the globe collectively sighed while also simultaneously jumping for joy over the prospect of another royal wedding. Becoming engaged in 2017 after a whirlwind, highly scrutinised courtship,  Meghan and Harry quickly became one of the most talked-about couples and made worldwide news wherever they went. And while this coupling remains very polarising in the media, the same cannot be said about Meghan's engagement ring. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

Personally designed by Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex's trilogy ring exudes style and sophistication. Adorned with three round cushion-cut stones, two from Princess Diana's collection and another larger centre stone that was sourced from Botswana, a place that holds special significance for the couple the 3.5-carat diamond ring is bursting with meaning. Set in timeless yellow gold, the ring underwent a slight remodel not long after the pair exchanged vows in front of over one billion people. According to sources close to the couple, Harry reportedly enlisted the help of celebrity jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz to make the yellow gold band thinner and to add some additional diamonds to the setting. 

Get Meghan's three-diamond look for less with this 18ct yellow gold diamond trilogy ring. 

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18ct Yellow Gold 0.25 Carat Diamond Trilogy Ring with 28 Diamonds

18ct Yellow Gold 0.25 Carat Diamond Trilogy Ring with 28 Diamonds


This 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Trilogy Ring is set with three clusters of beautiful clear diamonds. Together, these stones display a breathtaking glimmer, and take on the appearance of three larger gemstones. At the centre of each cluster are fiery… read more

Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got together in 2012 and then got engaged at San Francisco's Giants Stadium that the rapper rented out for the engagement that following year, the world collectively looked on in awe. Before separating at the beginning of 2021, every red carpet appearance, and every Instagram post was an event for Kimye and despite only lasting seven years (arguably an eternity in Hollywood), Kim and Kanye's will perhaps go down as one of the most memorable Hollywood marriages of all time. The only thing that is more iconic than the marriage itself is Kim's lust-worthy ring.

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

Known for her androgynous style and for pushing the envelope with her outfit choices, Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon in her own right. So, it is no surprise that the diamond ring that Kanye gave her when the pair got engaged is a source of ring inspiration for many. With a price tag of around $3 million USD, Kim's oval engagement ring boasts a huge 15-carat cushion-cut stone and thin platinum or white gold band decorated with tiny brilliant-cut diamonds that help give the illusion that the ring's centre stone is almost floating above her finger. Designed by Kim's go-to jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz, who counts Blake Lively, Beyonce and Cate Blanchett as clients, the ring's diamond has a D colour rating and has been described as "flawless" by some diamond experts. 

Get Kim K's "flawless" diamond look for less with this 1-carat oval diamond ring in 18ct white gold. 

18ct White Gold Diamond Ring With 1 Carat Oval Diamond

18ct White Gold Diamond Ring With 1 Carat Oval Diamond

$3,999.00 $7,999.00

18ct White Gold Diamond Ring With 1 Carat Oval Diamond… read more


Miley Cyrus 

While on-and-off couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have not gone the distance, Miley's engagement ring from their short-lived union certainly lives on in our hearts. After meeting on the film set of the 2010 movie The Last Song, teen sensation Miley had a whirlwind romance with the Aussie actor that was the stuff of teenage dreams. Liam would eventually pop the question in 2012 and the pair would eventually make it down the aisle in 2018 after several high-profile breakups. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

Purchased from Hollywood's go-to jewellery designer, Neil Lane, the ring that the controversial pop star received from Hemsworth compliments her eclectic style very well. Boasting an 18-karat yellow gold setting with intricately crafted floral motifs, this antique-style cushion-cut engagement ring features a 3.5-carat diamond that was hand cut from its original shape sometime in the late 1800s. Hemsworth reportedly forked out around $250,000 USD for this very unique creation. But sadly, Cyrus wouldn't get to wear this magnificent gold engagement ring for very long as the pair would soon split just five months into their union. 

Get Miley's bespoke antique look for less with this elegant 18ct yellow gold bouquet halo solitaire ring. 

Memoire 18ct Yellow Gold 0.70 Carat Diamond Bouquet Halo Solitire Ring

Memoire 18ct Yellow Gold 0.70 Carat Diamond Bouquet Halo Solitire Ring

$2,999.00 $5,999.00

Introducing this exquisite 18-carat yellow gold ring that features an intricate bouquet halo solitaire setting which has been set with sparkling brilliant cut diamonds. The bouquet halo solitaire setting is a unique and elegant design that is made up of… read more

Miranda Kerr

When Australian model Miranda Kerr became engaged to her billionaire boyfriend Snapchat founder, Evan Spiegel, everyone assumed that the diamond ring that he gave her would be nothing short of grand. However, the world would be left pleasantly surprised when the former Victoria's Secret Angel eventually did debut her engagement ring on Snapchat, of course. Unlike her engagement ring from her ex-husband and everyone's favourite teenage crush, Orlando Bloom, Miranda's new bling is diamond is a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts

Reportedly worth between $75,000 and $100,000, the ring is by no means modest but by Hollywood's standards, it was a surprising choice nevertheless. Featuring a single, round brilliant-cut diamond that is supposedly around 2.5-carats along with two tapered baguette diamonds on either side that help anchor the centre diamond, the Australian beauties' ring has a real old-school charm about it. Set into a plain platinum band, the star would complement the ring with a channel-set diamond band upon exchanging wedding rings with Spiegel at an intimate ceremony at their Los Angeles home in 2017

Get Miranda's diamond solitaire look for less with this platinum solitaire ring from our collection of Flawless Cut engagement rings.

Flawless Cut Platinum Diamond Ring

Flawless Cut Platinum Diamond Ring


A simple design that focuses on the sparkle of the diamond, this Flawless Cut Platinum Diamond Ring truly is unmissable. Every diamond from the Flawless range has the beautiful pattern of hears and arrows which is a sign that your… read more

Hailey Baldwin-Bieber 

When popstar and former teen sensation Justin Bieber announced that he was off the market in 2018, hearts collectively broke all over the globe. Following a high-profile on-and-off relationship with the multi-talented singer and actress, Selena Gomez, Bieber took fans by surprise when he began dating model, Hailey Baldwin. He would then give people whiplash when he announced that the pair were engaged less than two months after being spotted together for the first time. Unsurprisingly, they only waited another two months to walk down the aisle in an uncharacteristically low-key ceremony at a New York City courthouse. They did, however, follow this up with an extravagant ceremony held in Bluffton, South Carolina. A slew of high-profile guests jetted into town for the occasion including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Usher as well as the Hadid sisters and Hailey rocked not one but THREE custom couture gowns for the occasion. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts | Hailey Bieber

With over 50 million followers on Instagram and an in-demand career in the fashion world, Hailey Baldwin is known for her endlessly chic sense of style. So, unsurprisingly Hailey’s ring was nothing short of epic. Shortly after announcing their engagement, the world got their first peak at Hailey’s bling which features a huge oval cut diamond. Between 6 and 10 carats, Hailey’s oval ring sits on a traditional 18-carat yellow-gold solitaire setting with a slight contemporary twist. Hidden under the gigantic oval cut stone is a pave set halo basket which helps elevate the ring’s centre. Believed to be worth around $700,000, the ring was naturally a custom-made creation by none other than Jack Solow of Solow & Co. Following their nuptials, Hailey would accentuate the piece with yellow gold and pave wishbone-shaped wedding and eternity rings.  

Get Hailey's epic oval-cut engagement look with this epic 1-carat oval ring with a white gold diamond halo setting. 

Amal Clooney 

Heartthrob George Clooney once famously said that he would never get married again after his divorce from actress Talia Balsam in 1993. This would all change when the Oscar-winning actor settled down with accomplished human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, instantly revoking him of his status as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. The two met in 2013 after being set up by a mutual friend and took everyone by surprise when they got engaged after just over a year of dating. What followed was a lavish $20 million dollar wedding in Venice, Italy in September 2014 that was attended by a who’s who of Hollywood A-listers including Matt Damon, Bono and Emily Blunt. Now, almost at one decade mark, the couple has welcomed two children and appears to be going stronger than ever, despite their vastly different backgrounds. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts | Amal Clooney

For Clooney to flip-flop so quickly on his views on marriage it is clear that Amal is one special woman, something that is evident in his choice of engagement ring. In order to pop the question to the now-Mrs Clooney, George used an incredibly elegant and timeless emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. Set on a simple platinum band, Amal’s engagement ring is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. Adorned with a flawlessly cut and ethically sourced 7-8 carat emerald diamond that is flanked by two baguette accent diamonds, experts estimate that the radiant diamond ring could be worth as much as $1.2 million. Echoing elements of Grace Kelly’s emerald ring, George enlisted the help of the New York jeweller to the stars, Jacob Arabo to create the sophisticated bridal jewellery

Get Amal's emerald-cut look with this glittering white gold halo set emerald-cut engagement ring. 

14ct White Gold 1.20 Carat Diamond Ring with 3/4 Carat Emerald Centre Diamond

14ct White Gold 1.20 Carat Diamond Ring with 3/4 Carat Emerald Centre Diamond

$5,999.00 $10,299.00

Elevate your engagement with our enchanting 14ct White Gold 1.20 Carat Diamond Ring, showcasing a captivating 3/4 carat emerald cut centre diamond. This exquisite piece, with its Gi coloured diamonds and elegant emerald cut, embodies the unique beauty of your… read more

Blake Lively

With over a decade of marriage under their belts, actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are essentially and Hollywood golden couple at this stage. And we can’t help but be a little obsessed with them. From playfully trolling each other on social media to their stylish red-carpet appearances, this pairing is the epitome of couples’ goals and we are certainly here for it. Meeting on the set of 2011’s Green Lantern, Blake and Ryan were pretty low-key at first and never even confirmed their relationship. So, it took many of us by surprise when the pair announced that they had secretly tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina. While not much is known about the wedding, we do know that the parents of four exchanged vows and wedding rings at the location where everyone’s favourite romance film, The Notebook is set and that the bride wore a gown designed by iconic wedding dress designer, Marchesa.  

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts | Blake Lively

Since rising to fame as Serena Van der Woodsen on the iconic teen series, Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has become known for her eclectic sense of style and her ethereal beauty. Particularly, her luscious blonde locks that manage to look so effortless yet still incredibly done up. So, with this in mind, it's not a total shock that Ryan Reynolds went slightly unconventional when popping the question to Blake, opting to do it with an elegant pink diamond ring. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, a go-to jeweller for everyone from Kim Kardashian to Beyonce, Blake’s engagement ring has a striking 12-carat oval-cut diamond with a blush pink hue. Set on a thin, white gold or platinum pave band with a hidden halo basket, Blake’s bling is worth a cool $2.8 million. 

Get Blake's 'pretty in pink' look with this playfully stylish created peach sapphire ring with diamonds. 

9ct Rose Gold Created Peach Sapphire & Diamond Oval Ring

9ct Rose Gold Created Peach Sapphire & Diamond Oval Ring

$374.50 $724.00

A graceful marrying of rose gold and peach sapphire that stuns with its unique and beautiful colour. Set with diamonds and its glamorous sapphire centrepiece, this ring shimmers and sparkles effortlessly under light. A truly unforgettable gift for someone special… read more

Angelina Jolie 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may no longer be a couple, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back fondly and remember how iconic this duo was as a couple. Aptly nicknamed ‘Bradgelina’ by the media, Brad and Ange were regular tabloid fodder when they got together after falling in love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005. Between their news-making red-carpet appearances and their charity work to their six-strong brood, fans couldn’t get enough of this couple. The pair would become engaged in 2012 and made things official (legally) in 2014 at a private ceremony at their Chateau in Correns, France. Angelina, ever the fashion icon, wore a custom atelier Versace gown with a veil adorned with embroidery of illustrations that the couple's children had drawn. Sadly, it wasn’t to be and the couple split over a year and a half later. Leaving us with nothing but memories of this genetically blessed pairing. 

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts | Angelina Jolie

Despite their union being quite short…even for Hollywood stands, our memories of Angelina’s regal emerald-cut engagement ring are stronger than ever. Flanked by trapezoid and baguette cut diamonds on either side and a 16-carat emerald-cut stone in the centre, Angelina’s bridal set is reminiscent of a hall of mirrors. Angelina is often regarded as a timeless beauty with a real old Hollywood appeal which is perhaps why this ring’s art deco design suits the actress and humanitarian so well. Complete with a platinum setting, the sparkly bauble was personally designed by Pitt in collaboration with a bespoke jeweller from Beverly Hills and is said to be worth over $550,000. 

Get Bradgelina's old Hollywood glam look with this dazzling 2-carat princess cut pave-set diamond ring. 

18ct Yellow Gold 'Princess Celia' Ring With 2 Carats Of Diamonds

18ct Yellow Gold 'Princess Celia' Ring With 2 Carats Of Diamonds


Indulge in pure luxury with the mesmerising 18ct Yellow Gold 'Princess Celia' Ring adorned with 2 carats of diamonds. This exquisite ring showcases the perfect combination of elegance and opulence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it features a lustrous… read more

Scarlett Johansson

The third time was the charm for Scarlett Johansson when she married fellow actor Colin Jost in 2020. The actress most well-known for her work as an Avenger in the Marvel franchise began dating Colin in May 2017 after they met when the starlet was hosting Saturday Night Live. Their relationship seemed to move relatively quickly with the actress, who was previously married to Ryan Reynolds and Journalist, Romain Dauriac debuting her relationship on the red carpet shortly thereafter. So, it wasn’t a big shock when by early 2018 the pair announced their engagement. In 2020 amid the ongoing COVID pandemic, the notoriously private couple made things official by tying the knot in a secret ceremony that was attended by their closest friends and family.

The Celebrity Engagement Rings That Stole Our Hearts | Scarlett Johansson

Arguably, one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of our time, ScarJo is not only a stunner on the red carpet but has proven herself to be tough as nails as an action star. We think Scarlett’s striking pear engagement ring from Colin really does a good job of emulating her chameleon-like personality. Designed by jeweller, James de Givenchy, nephew of legendary French designer Hubert de Givenchy, Scarlett debuted the unique ring at Comic-Con in 2019. Adorned with a light brown pear-cut diamond that sits above a curved black enamel-coated band like an ornament, Scarlett’s ring is truly like something we’ve never seen before. 

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