What Engagement Ring Style Fits Your Personality?

What Engagement Ring Style Fits Your Personality?

Euan James Euan James
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For The Adventurous You

For the girl who loves adventure and twisting things up. The adventurous ring makes a statement, isn't what you expect and isn't influenced by the norm of society. Living on the edge, venturing where most fear to tread and taking risks like no one else. The adventurous girl can't settle on plain and simple, she believes in her dreams, wears mismatching patterns and finds her ugg boots most comfortable. 

The adventurous rings

For The Eccentric You

Friendly and outgoing, the eccentric girl is energised from spending time around other people and showing off her bold style. The clothes wear her, not the other way around. She's always chatting with her friends, enjoys socialising and wearing the latest trends - even if she isn't totally sold on the idea. She's enthusiastic and loves to feel inspired by everyone around her, but when it comes to her jewellery style, she goes with 'the more sparkle the better'. The eccentric girl wears heels when most retreat to flats, or a dress when winter hits, as she expresses herself in her style and wants to leave a big impression wherever she goes.

For The Creative You

The creative girl is fashion conscious but classic - she likes her ageless style (think Olivia Palermo), but picks up a few new fashion pieces each season. She is an original, doesn't let old trends change her. She is high energy, loves to be precise and rocks her $2 t-shirt with her expensive jeans. She constantly projects an aura of freshness and enthusiasm, playfulness and discipline. The creative girl follows the trends straight from New York fashion week until they arrive at her local shopping centre.


The Retro You

For the one who obsesses over her antique style, that no one else can pull off. The retro girl loves her full-length spotty skirts, cat eye sunglasses and bright red lipstick. She doesn't let the modern trends get in her way, she has a strong personality and lets everyone know about it. She likes style that has a history and message, a coat that her mum wore in the 70's - new clothes are manufactured - these clothes were made. A style characterized by rich colours and decadent detailing, prominent lines and classic design, an art deco-style ring will add a burst of vintage that she'll never be tired of looking at.

For The Traditional You

The traditional girl loves her simple style, sticking with black and white hues and lets her jewellery do the talking. Her style is simple but chic, comfortable but on-trend. She doesn't like the attention and isn't overly bothered by new styles so she expresses herself through jewellery and makeup. As long as the traditional girl is comfortable, she's happy. While she loves diamonds, she can't go past a classic yellow gold setting like previous generations.


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