Exploring Unique Wedding Rings For Her

Exploring Unique Wedding Rings For Her

Emily Schinella Emily Schinella
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It’s that time in your life when you’re about to embark on a lifelong journey with the love of your life. You have the perfect bride-to-be and a big day to look forward to but something’s missing; you still haven’t found that perfect wedding ring. With countless styles, cuts and metals; finding the right ring isn’t as easy as it seems. Moreover, every time she gazes upon those gorgeous gems, it reflects how truly special you think she is.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to make things a little easier for you. While there are plenty of traditional options, we thought we’d help you find something unique to make your future bride stand out. From yellow, rose and white gold rings to diamonds beauties, explore a wide range of unique wedding rings hand-picked for your special someone. If you need a little guidance on how to save for an engagement ring and wedding band, read this. Or learn how to find her jewellery size here.

Peaking With Diamonds

Every bride wants to rock that diamond ring on her finger. Even more, she wants to dazzle that bling for all her friends to see. Picking a wedding ring with a distinct peak design like the 9ct White Gold Diamond Ring with 27 Brilliant Cut Diamonds is sure to catch the eye of all her pals in just the way she likes. More importantly, the distinctive shape reflects just how unique you think she truly is and showcases the effort you put in. 

9ct White Gold Diamond Ring with 27 Brilliant Cut Diamonds

9ct White Gold Diamond Ring with 27 Brilliant Cut Diamonds

$469.00 $1,069.00

This wishbone ring resembles a symbol of love. Due to its ‘V’ shape, it’s very easy to wear another ring before it, where it can sit comfortably on your finger. Shimmering with 27 Brilliant Diamonds set in 9ct White Gold,… read more

Rose Gold Stunner

The metal of romance! Rose gold has the calming power to give your jewellery a quiet opulence yet trendy appeal. Adding a dynamic element, this 9ct Rose Gold Diamond Ring with 5 Brilliant Cut Diamonds combines the beauty and elegance of rose gold with innovative design; giving you a unique wedding band for your missus. Truly out-of-the-box, this wedding ring will capture the attention of friends; giving her ample opportunities to show it off!

9ct Rose Gold 0.05 Carat Diamond Ring with 5 Brilliant Diamonds

9ct Rose Gold 0.05 Carat Diamond Ring with 5 Brilliant Diamonds

$274.00 $624.00

This 9ct Rose Gold 0.05 Carat Diamond Ring with 5 Brilliant Diamonds has a beautiful alternative design. Five glittery diamonds are positioned on the rings front, giving it a cute but dazzling look under light. The smoothness of the rose… read more

Get Curvy With Gold Diamonds

A woman’s beauty and curves empower her. So should her pieces of jewellery. Featuring a stunning curve, this 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Curved Ring (SKU: 25000218) adds a distinct feel to her yellow gold wedding band, making it stand out from classic ring designs. Subtle yet dazzling, this ring creates the perfect balance between maintaining traditional appeal while providing a touch of uniqueness; so you future bride can keep it classy and innovative at the same time!

It’s essential to consider your bride-to-be’s style preferences, personality and lifestyle while making your choice. If she is someone who prefers more traditional styles, it is better to opt for something more classy and elegant. If she prefers exploring out-of-the-box designs, you can be a little more adventurous with your choice. If you’re looking for engagement rings, learn how to match engagement rings to personality or explore the celebrity engagement rings that stole our heart here.

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect ring for your big day, you can relax, have a good time and get ready to embark on your lifelong journey together. If you prefer to buy an engagement ring and wedding band together, you can explore our range of bridal ring sets here. Or explore our collection of contour rings; specially designed to complement her engagement ring with comfort. 

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