Luminesce: The Benefits Of Lab Grown Diamonds At Shiels

Luminesce: The Benefits Of Lab Grown Diamonds At Shiels

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What are the benefits of lab-grown diamonds? Today, the evolution of technology is moving at a rapid pace and even the world of diamond jewellery has not been unaffected. The production of everything, from food to the shiny rocks on your fingers, have all been revolutionised.

Enter the new kind of diamond: lab-grown diamonds.

Unlike their natural diamond predecessors, one of the benefits of lab-grown diamonds is that they're found above ground and grown to specification in high tech laboratories.

There are now two very different items on the agenda when we talk about diamonds: mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

These differences, however, are limited to how they are obtained, as only expensive sophisticated equipment can visually tell them apart.

Marilyn Monroe said it best — the one certainty for any girl is that diamonds are her very best friend.

In this blog, we're going to discuss what lab-grown diamonds are, the pros and cons of the two types, and the benefits of choosing them over mined diamonds. Here we go!

Benefits Of Lab-Grown Diamonds Overview: 

benefits of lab-grown diamonds - Marilyn Monroe wearing diamonds

What Lab-Grown Diamonds Are

Ordinarily, a diamond is mined from beneath the earth’s surface. Natural diamonds were formed within the Earth’s crust millions and millions of years ago. Intense heat and pressure caused carbon atoms to crystallise, resulting in diamonds.

But now it's possible to grow diamonds in a lab — diamond industry rejoice! The diamonds that are grown in labs are of two types, both of which are named after the different techniques behind them.

visual comparison between lab grown diamonds and earth mined diamonds

Pros And Cons Of Lab-Grown Diamonds


Buying a lab-grown diamond has a host of perks for multiple reasons. The benefits of lab-grown diamonds speak for themselves! The primary one is the avoidance of controversy over where it came from. You might have heard of the term 'blood diamonds'. The ethical dilemmas of buying mined diamonds are far too many, but lab-grown diamonds come with a clear conscience. The mining of diamonds has always been a controversial topic. Africa has long suffered from the consequences of diamond mining. Residents living near diamond fields have suffered horrific consequences like child labour and other conflicts. 

benefits of lab grown diamonds at Shiels: rings


One of the other primary benefits of buying them is their sustainability. When land is mined for all sorts of precious stones, it leaves behind scars in the earth that cannot be refilled or recovered from. Diamond mining companies remove earth in tonnes just to find them, and that is avoidable with lab-grown diamonds.

More affordable

They’re easy on the pocket! A lab-grown diamond of the size, shape and colour as its mined equivalent is not only 30%-40% cheaper, but they also come in the same, if not better, shine and quality. Check out our lab-grown diamond necklaces, lab-grown diamond pendants and lab-grown diamond earrings to pick up an affordable piece for your collection. 

benefits of lab grown diamonds at Shiels: jewellery

You Get More For Less

Because they’re more affordable, lab-created diamonds give you the chance to buy a bigger stone for less — and who wants to pass up the option of having bigger rocks on their diamond rings?! Find the perfect piece in our lab-grown diamond ring collection.

More Pure

Their purity is greater than diamonds blasted and mined out of the earth, making them technically a superior purchase for your engagement ring. Quite simply, the purer the diamond, the better, brighter and whiter the gemstone. Check out our lab-created yellow diamond rings, white gold lab-created diamond rings and rose gold lab-created diamond rings to find the perfect option!

benefits of lab grown diamonds at Shiels: pendants

Easy To Care For

Lab-grown diamonds are really easy to care for! Maintaining the brilliance and lustre of diamonds requires some attention from time to time but your efforts most definitely won’t go unnoticed. Read tips and hacks about caring for your diamond jewellery.

So, What Are The Cons? 

Due to misinformation, most people don’t know what a lab-grown diamond really is. They might think that they are a 'fake' diamond or a cubic zirconia stone, but that is not the case. There is also very little resale value with lab-grown diamonds, but apart from that, there really are no cons! So, what are you waiting for? Check out our range today. 


woman's hand wearing engagement ring - she knows the benefits of lab grown diamonds

Now you know the benefits of lab-grown diamonds, discover the magic of lab-grown diamonds, as they dazzle you with their brilliance and size, with stunning jewellery from Shiels. There has never been a better moment for you to choose a diamond of such extraordinary beauty — why wait? There are affordable interest-free payment options such as humm, Zip, Latitude Interest Free, Afterpay, Klarna and Laybuy available at Shiels.

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