Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Flowers Begin To Bloom

Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Flowers Begin To Bloom

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There is a real Spring feeling in the air at the moment. Sure, the temperature may still be a little chilly, but the flowers are blooming and the sun is creeping through more frequently-so it is looking more and more like Springtime is on the horizon. This naturally makes people excited about the prospect of an all-new Spring wardrobe. From floral sundresses to tailored looks adorned with bright solid colours, Springtime is definitely the time to have some fun with your outfit. Especially with your jewellery and accessories.

With the weather being much warmer at this time of year, it is likely you are wearing fewer layers to compensate for the heat. This allows for optimal accessories such as stylish necklaces, classy bangles and jazzy earrings that would have likely been put on the back burner when you layered up on jumpers and scarves during the Winter months. As there is every year at the turn of the season, there has been an abundance of new jewellery trends popping up everywhere. From the runways around the world to the pages of fashion magazines and on the copious reels clogging our Instagram feed, it seems as though new Spring jewellery trends are emerging every day that fashionistas are keen to try out this year. 

Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Weather Heats Up | Overview


A Bracelet Stack

The warm Spring weather guarantees that you are probably showing a lot more skin than usual and so jewellery layering or stacking has always been a big trend for this time of year. However, one jewellery layering trend that is standing out more than most this year is the bracelet stack. The bracelet stack is an edgy yet timeless way to rock your bracelets this Spring and there are countless ways you can try this trend out. The key to rocking this trend is to keep it consistent, find your style and stick to it. If you’re wearing a gold bracelet, stick to gold bracelets and avoid incorporating other metals unless they are a similar hue such as white gold and sterling silver.

Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Weather Heats Up | The Bracelet Stack

Add some sparkle with diamond bracelets and tennis bracelets, go ultra-romantic with belcher bracelets and padlock bracelets, or keep it classic with chain bracelets. If you are somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to your accessories and tend to opt for daintier pieces, you shouldn’t be turned off by this trend and should try it out with simplistic slider bracelets and extra-fine adjustable link bracelets. You could even mix it up a bit with the addition of bangles or even a leather bracelet. Aim for bracelets that are a similar width to one another and if they are slightly different in size, place them in the order of width.

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Rose Gold Jewellery

This time of year is all about warmer tones, which means it is the perfect opportunity to begin incorporating some rose gold into your Spring jewellery and accessories rotation. Whether it's a rose gold watch or rose gold jewellery, there is just something about this luscious pink hue that puts a real pep in your step. Not only does it look amazing when set into diamond jewellery, but it also goes well with coloured gemstones, particularly morganite jewellery which blends seamlessly with this flirty hue. Rose gold jewellery will also mix well mix pink and red outfits while also adding a splash of colour to neutral or monochrome clothing. 

Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Weather Heats Up | Rose Gold Jewellery

The thing with rose gold is that its bright pink hue stands out quite well on its own, meaning that you shouldn’t feel the need to overdo it and will probably want to stick to a few key pieces-say two or three. These could be pieces such as a playful pair of rose gold earrings, a dainty rose gold ring and even some sleek rose gold bangles and bracelets. Finish off your look with an elegant rose gold watch for a little extra oomph. While you should generally avoid pairing rose gold with metals like silver, it should be noted that due to their somewhat similar warm tones, it pairs really well with yellow gold and brass-coloured jewellery.

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Coloured Gemstones

There is never really an appropriate time not to wear coloured jewellery, but it is a must in the Spring/Summer months. This is because when the weather is nicer outside, generally that is reflected in your mood which tends to be a lot happier and cheerful too. There is no better way to reflect than by rocking a little bit of colour in your ensemble and a very subtle, yet stylish way to do so is by incorporating some vibrant hues into your accessories. A textbook way to add some colour to your Spring jewellery picks is with gemstone jewellery. Whether it's your birthstone, your favourite colour or just a gem that symbolises something very meaningful to your, gemstones are an excellent way to add some personalisation. 

Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Weather Heats Up | Coloured Gemstones

From blushing rubies to dashing sapphires and enchanting amethyst, there are so many ways you can style gemstones with your look. One of the safest ways to wear gemstones is by rocking multiple accessories featuring the same type of gemstones, however, you can also get pretty creative with it. Find a ring or a pair of hoop earrings decorated with multiple coloured gemstones to accentuate a neutral outfit, pair two types of similar gemstones together such as emeralds and peridot so that they can complement each other, or even use the gemstones to accentuate elements of your outfit. You could even use a particular gemstone to emphasise some of your personal features in the sense that aquamarine jewellery could be used to make your eye colour more prominent. 

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Pearl Necklaces

With nostalgia-based style taking up people’s consciousness, pearl jewellery has never been more popular. What was once thought to be an accessory that only your grandma could pull off has quickly risen the ranks to become one of the go-to jewellery for fashionistas and glamazons alike, especially pearl necklaces. Timeless, versatile and incredibly sophisticated, pearl necklaces have been spotted on some of the world’s most famous faces in recent months including singers, Billie Eilish and Harry Styles as well model Gigi Hadid. This hugely popular 2023 fashion fad has been dubbed by trend forecasters as ‘pearlcore’ and is tipped to dominate people’s spring jewellery collections.

Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Weather Heats Up | Pearl Necklaces

There is a myriad of ways that you can try out the pearlcore necklace trend this Spring. You could channel Audrey Hepburn with a classic LBD (little black dress) and a long strand of pearls, or go for a slightly edgier look with a fun floral dress and a pearl choker. Another approach to this Spring jewellery trend is to layer some chains with a fashionable pearl pendant over a plain white t-shirt, or by rocking the pendant on its own with a laidback silky camisole. Step out of your style comfort zone by trying out a different variation of pearls rather than the traditional set of freshwater pearls such as daring Tahitian pearls, radiant gold South Sea pearls or the eclectic mabe pearls. 

Cream Freshwater Pearl Oval Bar & Ball Necklace

Cream Freshwater Pearl Oval Bar & Ball Necklace


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Oversized Earrings

For the longest time ever, people have preferred jewellery and accessories that are daintier and smaller. However, in recent years it seems to have done a complete 180 and now it seems as though the approach now is the bigger, the better. This means that not only are big bangles, chains and pendants having a moment but so are oversized earrings. This means that it's time to put away the quiet stud earrings and sleeper earrings in favour of much louder and larger styles including drop earrings, hoop earrings, huggie earrings and essentially any type of earring that makes a bold statement. 

Spring Jewellery Trends To Try As The Weather Heats Up | Oversized Earrings

Adopting this Spring jewellery is easy and can be done in a very timeless way, such as with a pair of silver or gold hoop earrings. Alternatively, you could add the glamour with a pair of cubic zirconia, pearl or diamond drop earrings. Embrace a more everyday look with a dangling pair of threader earrings or go boho-chic with a pair of loud yet incredibly chic chandelier earrings. You could even embrace the coastal grandma trend with a pair of enlarged pearl stud earrings or even a pair of euro ball drop earrings. If you are someone with multiple ear piercings, a more subtle way to try out the oversized trend is with an earring stack. 

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