The Ultimate Guide to Jewellery Layering & Stacking

The Ultimate Guide to Jewellery Layering & Stacking

Emily Schinella Emily Schinella
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One jewellery trend that has taken the fashion world by storm is layering and stacking. From adding a few chains to a plain white T-shirt to applying multiple rings to one finger, jewellery layering is a timeless and contemporary way to elevate any outfit. Breathing new life into tired old accessories and allowing you to change up your look from time to time, layering is a great way to make good use of the pieces you have in your capsule wardrobe. Unfortunately, mastering the art of jewellery layering is not something that comes naturally to everyone. But with a little practice, careful thought and perseverance, 

However, that shouldn’t scare you away from trying out this trend, as with a little practice, careful thought and perseverance, you can become quite the aficionado. When done well, layering jewellery creates an effortless look that says ‘I just threw this on’ - even though you spent almost an hour switching necklaces and adding rings or earrings, then removing them...and then putting them back on. It might add some extra time to getting ready in the morning, but layering and stacking your jewellery is the perfect addition to any outfit, casual or dressy. 

To help fast-track your morning routine, we have put together the ultimate jewellery layering and stacking. So, read on as we unpack how you can master this art form to up your accessories game.

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The Ultimate Guide To Jewellery Layering & Stacking:

Layering & Stacking Necklaces 

When mastering the art of jewellery layering, necklaces are Jewellery Layering 101. Layering necklaces is a fabulous way to add depth, style, and a touch of personal flair to your outfit. Whether it’s pairing a variety of gold chains with your favourite chunky knit jumper to add some warmth to your look, adding an element of personalisation to your outfit with a playful pendants stack, incorporating some sparkle with diamond necklaces or all of the above, there are just so many ways to approach this trend. Start by grabbing a few necklaces of varying lengths from your collection. This will ensure that each piece has a chance to shine while also maintaining somewhat of a cohesive look. When deciding which pieces to go with, consider playing around with different textures and chain styles to ensure that each piece you choose brings something new and fresh to the ensemble. You should then consider choosing a focal point such as a pendant or something with playful charms that will help anchor your necklace stack and draw attention to the neckline of your outfit.

Layering & Stacking Jewellery | Necklaces

Statement pieces such as initial necklaces, pear-shaped pendants or gemstone necklaces make for great focal points when it comes to necklace layering as they stand out and immediately draw your attention. Ordinarily, you would want your focal piece to be on the longest chain as longer chains typically stand out the most. Once you have added your focal point, incorporate shorter chains with different textures, patterns and adornments to your look to add depth. To stop your necklaces from becoming tangled once on, opt for pieces with adjustable chains or consider investing in a necklace layering clasp. A big misconception when it comes to jewellery layering is that you should stick to the same metal tones so that each piece blends seamlessly and that mixing styles are just a big no, no. However, this is simply not So, if you’re feeling particularly brave, experiment with mixing metals like yellow gold and rose gold or white gold and yellow gold.  

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Layering & Stacking Rings 

In the era of quiet luxury and the clean girl aesthetic, ring stacking is emerging as one of the subtler ways to layer your jewellery. Not only does this trend allow you to create a unique look that reflects your style, but it is also versatile and allows you to incorporate more accessories into your look without looking too overdone. When layering your rings, the key is to start with a select mix of rings that vary in style, thickness, texture and design. Choose pieces that are bold in their design but with a daintier structure so that they mix a lot better. Once you’ve chosen your focal point, use thinner bands to add a bit of depth and dimension. Unlike necklaces, when layering with rings it’s better to stick with one metal tone so that you have a more elegant and refined aesthetic. So if you are into gold, stick with gold rings and gold rings alone. 

Layering & Stacking Jewellery | Rings

You should also consider incorporating a slightly more intricate and attention-grabbing piece to your stack that can serve as the statement-maker of your stack. You could add some sparkle with diamond rings, or add a splash of colour with zirconia or gemstone rings.  Experiment with asymmetry by wearing rings on different fingers or spacing them out for a balanced and dynamic look. Alternatively, try incorporating some midi rings into your look, these rings sit above the knuckles which adds an extra layer of visual intrigue. To prevent discomfort, chose rings that are sized correctly or use ring size adjusters to ensure that all the styles you pick for your ring stack sit comfortably along all your fingers. Also, remember that ring layering and stacking is all about self-expression, so let your imagination run wild and create a stack that shows off your unique style. 

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Layering & Stacking Earrings 

Earring stacks are great for incorporating some edginess into your look. Whether you’re eager to show off your multiple ear piercings or are looking to invest in an ear cuff, there is something about layering and stacking earrings that immediately makes you feel super cool. But arguably, the best thing about the earring stack is there are only so many spots in your ears where you can place jewellery, so it’s impossible to make it look cluttered or overdone. There is a myriad of ways to incorporate an earring stack into your everyday wardrobe. Some prefer to keep it simple by adding a few different stud earrings, either in a row going down the lobe or scattered around the ears. Others will opt for something slightly more contemporary with multiple hoop and huggie earrings. Then, some with a somewhat eclectic style will adopt multiple earring styles to their stack or add a touch of boho chic with a playful threader or drop earring. 

Layering & Stacking Jewellery | Earrings

The key to nailing the perfect earring stack is to find an aesthetic or theme that best represents you and your style. This can be anything from punk-rock or boho chic to bright and colourful or minimalist elegance. Once you have a theme in mind, select earrings that align with the vision you have in your head. Begin by choosing a standout piece, such as a striking statement earring or a unique design that catches the eye. This will serve as the focal point of your stack. From there, you can add smaller earrings that complement the central piece and enhance the overall look. Mix and match studs, hoops, cuffs, climbers, and threader earrings to create depth. Play with asymmetry by placing different earrings on each ear or varying the lengths for an edgy and modern twist. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with different shapes or different stone settings as well as different metal tones to keep things interesting. 

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Layering & Stacking Bracelets 

Bracelet stacks are one of the more traditional approaches to jewellery layering. Not only is it a fantastic way to accessorise during the cooler months when other jewellery otherwise gets hidden away under all the layers, it immediately adds a sense of intrigue and luxury to your ensemble. But best of all, it doesn’t have to be just bracelets as you can also try adding a few bangles or a watch to the stack to add to that luxury factor. Much like all of the other approaches to jewellery layering, a good bracelet stack starts with a conversation piece that helps anchor the look. This could be an elegant tennis bracelet, a playful charm bracelet, a classic, thick silver bangle or even a sophisticated dress watch. Whatever it is, once you decide on your focal point, you should base the design of your bracelet stack around this piece.  Start by layer bracelets of different sizes and styles around the focal piece, it could be something as simple as chain-style bracelets or even some thinner bangles with light embellishments on them.

Layering & Stacking Jewellery | Bracelets

Play with contrasting textures, such as combining smooth chains with beaded bracelets or mixing leather with metal accents, to create visual interest. Experiment with mixing metals like gold, silver, and rose gold for a trendy and eclectic vibe. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles, like delicate bangles with chunky cuffs or stacking dainty chain bracelets with gemstone pieces. Consider incorporating bracelets with unique features like charms, engravings, or colourful accents for added charm. As you layer, consider the balance and spacing between each bracelet to ensure a harmonious composition. Finally, don't forget to adjust the sizes or use bracelet stacking tools to keep the bracelets securely in place and ensure a comfortable fit. Remember, bracelet layering is all about self-expression, so let your creativity soar and curate a stack that reflects your unique style and personality.

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