Best Watches For Women In 2024

Best Watches For Women In 2024

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In 2024, we are set for a lot of significant fashion accessory trends to take the world by storm, particularly watches. Trend forecasters have already predicted in 2023 that it would be a big year for women’s watches in particular, especially as many fashion lovers attempt to live more sustainably by shopping more consciously. If you are eager to expand your accessories with a brand-new timepiece, you’re in luck! Whether you are into classic gold watches, glamorous stone-set pieces or sporty smartwatches, you are definitely not short of options to expand your collection with. We have compiled a list of the top 8 best watches for women in 2024. Read on to get inspired. 

best watches for women - smart watch vs classic watch


  1. Tommy Hilfiger 1782549 Rachel Two Tone Watch
  2. Citizen Eco-drive EW1262-55P Watch
  3. Guess Gemini W1293L1 Silver Chronograph Watch
  4. Daniel Wellington Petite Durham DW00100228 Watch
  5. Ellis & Co Sena Stone Set Watch
  6. Seiko Coutura SUT378P Stainless Steel Black And Gold Watch
  7. Michael Kors MK6959 Black Dial Gold Tone Wath
  8. Furla WW00027003L2

What are the best watches for women in 2024?

With so many fashion and accessories trends being influenced by the style of the iconic decades, including groovy 70s-inspired hoop earrings and the grungy 90s choker necklaces, it should come as no surprise that vintage-inspired timepieces are also taking precedence for women’s watches in 2024, especially two-toned watches. Two-tone watches are timepieces with both gold and silver accents, ideal for women who cannot decide whether they want a gold or silver watch. Another watch design to emerge from this vintage trend is leather watches. While leather watches have been around for as long as watches have been worn on the wrist, timepieces adorned with a leather band have not always been people’s first choice, until now. Leather watches not only bring comfort and style, but also offer a sportier and casual look that fits right in at the office.

what are the best watches for women in 2023?

Another style of women’s watches in fashion for 2024 is dainty dress watches. Bigger and bulkier watches defined the 2000s and early 2010s which is a stark contrast to many of the watch trends we are seeing this year. From Daniel Wellington’s Quadro line to JAG watches and even the vintage-inspired Casio watches, it seems like understated watches with minimalist accents are now a major trend. Timepieces with a rectangular face or an unconventional one are also everywhere at the moment. We can’t even go on TikTok or Instagram without seeing at least one fashion blogger rocking an elegant gold timepiece with a chain-style band or a stainless steel watch with a cuff or bangle-style fastening. It’s also worth noting that mesh-style bracelets are also seeing a big comeback for this very reason. And of course, we can’t forget about the always popular smartwatches.

The Best Watches For Women In 2024 - 8 Styles

So, without further ado, these are eight of the best watches for women in 2024.

best watches for women in 2023 - 8 styles

1. Tommy Hilfiger 1782549 Rachel Two Tone Women’s Watch

Step out in unwavering style with this Tommy Hilfiger 1782549 Rachel Two-Tone women's watch. With splashes of radiant gold mixed in with sleek silver, tone-tone watches are a timeless style that provides plenty of versatility. Adorned with a textured gold fluted bezel that is reminiscent of a style made popular by Rolex, this Tommy Hilfiger watch has a great deal of vintage appeal thanks to its paired link bracelet and understated finishings. However, the timepiece’s daring black dial and simplistic golden digitals and hour/minute hands bring an element of contemporariness.

Tommy Hilfiger 1782549 Rachel two Tone Womens Watch

Tommy Hilfiger 1782549 Rachel two Tone Womens Watch

$179.00 $249.00

Step out in unwavering style with this Tommy Hilfiger 1782549 Rachel two Tone Womens Watch. Enjoy two toned styles of silver and yellow gold that creates a sophisticated look. A metal watch is a must-have in any wardrobe as it… read more

Sold out

2. Citizen Eco-Drive EW1262-55P Women’s Watch

Combining the ever-lasting all-gold look with the incredible functionality of a solar-powered movement, the Citizen Eco-Drive EW1262-55P women’s watch definitely appeals to those looking for a timepiece that is energy efficient while also maintaining a classic style that will never date. Citizen watches, and particularly Citizen solar watches, are synonymous with their elegant style and innovative technology and this timepiece is certainly no exception with its stunning textured champagne dial.. Other notable features of this beautiful ladies watch include water resistance, a date display, a 6-month power reserve and a low-charge indicator.

3. Guess Gemini W1293L1 Silver Chronograph Women's Watch

Guess watches are famous for their big and bold designs that are often accompanied by an allotment of sparkling Swarovski crystals. And while the Guess Gemini W1293L1 offers elements of the brand’s signature hallmarks, it does so in a way that is both very polished and incredibly understated. Adorned with tiny crystals around the bezel and the watch’s uniquely textured sunray dial, this luxurious silver chronograph watch is an excellent everyday piece and occasion piece. Fitted with 24-hour, day and date subdials, a classic quartz movement and water resistance, this silver watch is a fitting companion for the woman who enjoys modernly sophisticated and understated styles that provide a hint of glamour.

Guess Gemini W1293L1 Silver Chronograph Womens watch

Guess Gemini W1293L1 Silver Chronograph Womens watch

$249.00 $329.95

With pristine, fresh design, this Guess Gemini W1293L1 Silver Chronograph Womens watch is an all-new style statement. This polished watch has a white sunray dial with some added texture, making this watch an intricate and glowing timepiece to enjoy. The… read more

Sold out

4. Daniel Wellington Petite Durham DW00100228 Ladies Watch

Leather watches are a favourite among those looking for the perfect timepiece that will fit right in at the office. And when it comes to office timepieces, nothing hits the mark better than Daniel Wellington watches. Known for its youthful yet preppy aesthetic, the Daniel Wellington Durham DW00100228 is a crowd-favourite, especially in its petite size. Featuring a timeless brushed gold face and classic white dial, this leather watch is reminiscent of watches from way back. Fitted with a dark, tan adjustable leather strap that lightens where its curves meet up, the Daniel Wellington DW00100228 is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine and so it will feel right at home on the wrist of those with a thing for unisex watches. Pair with a sleek ring or gold bracelet from Daniel Wellington Jewellery collection.  

Daniel Wellington Petite Durham DW00100228 Ladies Watch

Daniel Wellington Petite Durham DW00100228 Ladies Watch

$199.00 $259.00

Daniel Wellington Petite Durham DW00100228 Ladies Watch, Adored for its vintage feel, the Durham strap holds a unique patina that deepens while the leather lightens beautifully where bent and stretched.   •    •  Case Size: 28mm, Case thickness 6mm   •  Dial… read more

5. Ellis & Co Sena Stone Set Women's Watch

Excluding elegance and sophistication, this Ellis & Co watch will bring a real feminine touch to your ensemble without making it feel too ‘girly’or over the top. Brought to life by a modern stainless steel mesh bracelet, stone accents on the bezel and an iridescent pearl-coloured dial, there is something about this rose gold watch that is not only incredibly timeless. Whether worn on its own or accessorised with rose gold jewellery, the Ellis & Co Sena watch is ideal for any occasion and will help transform your look from day to night with complete ease.

Ellis & Co Sena Stone St Womens Watch

Ellis & Co Sena Stone St Womens Watch


Step out in style in this gorgeous Ellis & Co Sena Stone St Womens Watch that exudes a feminine touch. The bracelet features a rose plated mesh band with a soft hue of pink and intricate details that create a… read more

6. Seiko Coutura SUT378P Stainless Steel Black and Gold Solar Watch

While style, functionality and craftsmanship are high up on a lot of people’s lists when shopping for trending women’s watches, timelessness and versatility that are often people’s top priorities. And this Seiko Coutura SUT378P watch is proof that black watches can be just as timeless. Adorned with a black link-style case and rose gold accents that really pop against the black, this Seiko watch from the brand’s Coutura range has an unconventional and sporty aesthetic, yet it still remains timeless. A fantastic office companion and everyday accessory, this Seiko Coutura watch boasts a solar-powered movement, 100-metres of water resistance, a hard wearing sapphire crystal glass, a date window and a -/+ 15 seconds accuracy.. 

7. Michael Kors MK6959 Black Dial Gold Tone Women's Watch

Crafted from yellow gold-plated stainless steel you will quickly fall in love with this Michael Kors watch and all of its timeless qualities as there is something about this that screams luxury for less. Seamlessly combining the rich hues of black and gold, this popular watch for women features an elegant chronograph dial and enlarged roman numeral digits that really pack a bold statement. Adorned with an exaggerated bracelet featuring removable links, 100-metre water resistance and a date window, you will also find a lot of comfort and functionality in this gold timepiece. Pair it with your favourite earth tones for a cohesive style that you can sport on practically any occasion or add some pizazz by pairing it with gold bangles

Michael Kors MK6959 Black Dial Gold Tone Womens Watch

Michael Kors MK6959 Black Dial Gold Tone Womens Watch


Make a statement with this Michael Kors MK6959 Black Dial Gold Tone Womens Watch that you will quickly fall in love with. The gold plated stainless steel links are comfortable yet classy, giving a timeless feel to the watch. A… read more

8. Furla WW00027003L2 Chain Bracelet Gold Tone Watch

When it comes to narrowing down our favourite jewelry-inspired watches, the Furla WW00027003L2 is a real standout for sure. Decorated with a daring polished gold chain-style band, a playful yet minimalistic champagne-colored dial and dainty gold four-hour indicators, this Furla watch effortlessly embodies an air of sophistication and modernity, making it a captivating accessory suitable for any occasion. Complete with 50 metres of water resistance, you can really make the most out of this chain watch’s unique style by pairing it with other gold accessories in your collection such as gold bracelets and bangles. 

Furla WW00027003L2 Chain Bracelet Gold Tone Womens Watch

Furla WW00027003L2 Chain Bracelet Gold Tone Womens Watch


The Furla WW00027003L2 is a standout for sure, the unique Furla logo chain bracelet will catch your eyes and make you feel special for wearing something so unique. The case is round and crafted from stainless steel, the dial is… read more

Elevate your signature watch with Shiels

And there you have it – the top 8 most exquisite watches for women in 2024! From classic to contemporary, each piece offers remarkable versatility, ensuring a perfect match for every style.  If you’ve been inspired by our list of the best watches for women in 2024, or would like to explore our other popular choices, then shop our wide range in-store or online today at Shiels. Buy now and pay later with one of our finance options, including Afterpay, Laybuy, humm, Latitude Interest Free, and Klarna. We offer free shipping on orders over $69. Shop women’s watches online now. 


What brands are best for women’s watches?

Some of the most pristine and popular brands for female watches include:

What kind of watch should a woman wear?

This all depends on your personal style, the occasion, and the lifestyle you live. Classic or modern, formal or casual, it's all about what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Consider factors like size, materials, and functionality to find the perfect watch for your wrist and preferences.

What women's watch holds the most value?

Although there’s not one specific watch that holds the most value, there are many features that will deem a watch as more valuable. These include brand reputation, craftsmanship, materials, rarity, and demand. However, some valuable features in the top fashion watches for 2024 include silver and gold tones to match all styles and occasions, sleek and sophisticated styles, water resistance technology, solar power movement, smart watch technology, and high power capacity. 

What colour watch goes with everything?

Both silver and gold are classic choices that can complement a wide range of outfits and styles. Silver watches offer a cool and understated look that pairs well with both casual and formal attire. Whereas gold watches add warmth and elegance to any ensemble, making them suitable for a wide variety of occasions. 

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