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    Amadora Sterling Silver Assorted Glass Beads
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    Amadora Sterling Silver Snake 18cm Bracelet
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    Amadora Black Crystal Charm
    Amadora Black Crystal Charm Now
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For the story teller you, carry your fondest memories with modern commemorative beads hand-finished by Amadora Jewellery. Made with precious metals and gemstones and finished with the highest attention to detail, Amadora is the best bead jewellery money can buy.

Craft your own personal narrative as you curate a meaningful collection of beautiful charms, each with a special story to tell. Available in precious metals including sterling silver, gold and rose gold; there’s an Amadora charm for every occasion and story. Designs range from ways to express your lighter side through celebrations of important milestones to the most deeply romantic.

Showcase your bead jewellery collection on a range of Amadora bracelets, available in woven leather or silver.

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