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How To Change Time On A G-Shock Watch

Whether you’re headed on a holiday or daylight savings has come to an end, it’s important to understand how to change time on G-Shock watches. In this handy guide, we will teach you how. 

So, read on or check out the video below and discover how to change the time on your analogue or digital G-Shock watch


      ★ Understanding functions
      ★ G-Shock analogue watches 
      ★ G-Shock digital watches 

Understanding Functions

Before learning how to change the time on a G-Shock watch, it’s important to understand all the functions on your Casio watch:


Located on the upper-left corner of your timepiece, this feature will place your watch into ‘edit mode'.

how to change time g shock: adjust


Situated on the upper-right corner, this button will move the watch back one value each time you press it. Should you be required to alter the timezone of your watch, this is the button you would use.

how to change time g-shock: reverse


On the lower-right corner of the watch, this feature is essentially the same as the reverse button, with the exception that it moves the value forward rather than back.

how to change time g-shock: forward


On the lower-left corner of your watch, this feature is used to cypher through each of the options on your watch until you reach the setting you are after.

how to change time g shock: mode


Appearing on only certain G-Shock models, this button allows you to change the auto-light settings on your timepiece.

how to change time g shock: light


How To Change Time On A G Shock Watch

G-Shock Analogue Watches 

Step 1

Hold down the ‘adjust’ button on your G-Shock watch for around five seconds, after which you should hear it beep once.

Step 2

Once you hear it beep, press the mode button so you can go through the various settings including the hour, minute and seconds hand.

Step 3

Depending on whether you want to bring your time forwards or backwards, you will need to press the forward or reverse button.

Step 4

Once your hour, minute and seconds hands have reached their desired position, press the adjust button to set the time in place.

Step 5

To change the time zone on your G-Shock timepiece, you will need to press the mode button until you see the abbreviation, ‘TPE’ appear on the face of your watch.

Step 6

Following this, your watch should be in word time mode. You will then have to press the forward button several times until you find the correct time zone you want your watch to be in.

Step 7

To set your time zone, you will then need to hold down the adjust button for several seconds.

G-Shock Digital Watches

While its features may mimic G-Shock’s analogue watches to an extent, their method for altering the time is not the same.

Step 1

Hold down the adjust button for around three seconds, the watch’s face should then begin flashing.

Step 2

Press the mode button several times until the seconds digits begin flashing.

Step 3

Press either the forward or reverse button until the value you want your seconds digits to be at is correct.

Step 4

To change the hour and minute digits, repeat steps 2 and 3 until they display the correct digits.

Step 5

To set your G-Shock watch’s flashing options, press the mode button until you reach this particular option.

Step 6

Using the forward or reverse button, cypher through the various options until you reach your desired setting.

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