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Pantone Colour of the Year 2019: A Look Into Coral

Pantone colour of the year 2019: why we're obsessed 

Goodbye millennial pink and hello living coral - a pink tinted hue set to take over 2019. The verdict from the Pantone Color Institute is in! The official colour of 2019 is living coral, aka Pantone 16-1546. Chosen for its warmth, vibrancy and spiritedness, this gorgeous colour embodies our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits. Inspired by the beautiful natural coral you can find in our oceans, this colour is said to be evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of colour. Not to mention, this colour is perfect for those with a desire for playful expression!

Every year, Pantone’s colour of the year has a major influence on fashion, home, and lifestyle trends. While we loved last year’s ultra violet (and rocking our amethyst jewellery to match), we’re even more obsessed with this year’s colour. Why? Because living coral embraces us with a warmth just like our favourite gemstone at the moment - morganite! With similar pink hues, morganite is a beautiful way to embrace the living coral trend and to add a pop of colour into any outfit. Keep reading to learn about the Pantone colour of the year 2019, how to style morganite rings and more!

How to embrace coral

Incorporating coral into your daily outfits is simple when you know how - from wearing a coral blazer to an entirely coral dress! But when you’re still a little unsure, it’s best to start small. With the popularity of pink hues this season, morganite jewellery is a must-have addition to your jewellery collection. Trust us - a pop of pink and coral never goes amiss!

We absolutely love morganite rings, especially when they’re set in rose gold. Exuding the same warmth of Pantone’s living coral (the Pantone colour of the year 2019), morganite rings are the perfect way to play with coral in a gorgeous and understated way.

The Pantone colour of the year 2019: living coral morganite rings

(Rose Gold Round Cut Morganite Ring | Rose Gold & Diamond Floral Halo Ring | Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Ring)

A morganite necklace is another beautiful way to effortlessly incorporate some coral, pink tones into your outfits (not to mention they also look amazing when paired with our morganite rings). To really embrace the animating and life affirming coral colour, why not wear a morganite pendant with another pop of coral - like a hair accessory, scrunchie, or even a coral lipstick! Experiment and have fun!

The Pantone colour of the year 2019: living coral morganite necklaces

(Rose Gold Morganite Floral Halo Pendant |Rose Gold Morganite & Diamond Halo Pendant | Rose Gold Morganite Cluster)

Accessorising with coral 

While living coral is officially the colour of 2019, celebs and fashion icons have been wearing coral for as long as we can remember. With coral being such a unique and striking colour, it can be a little hard to know what jewellery looks best with coral outfits. But don’t worry, you won’t have to stick to just silver or white gold - we’re here to show you how you can play with colour!

Play with yellow gold

With golden undertones, the Pantone colour of the year 2019 coral pairs perfectly with yellow gold. When it comes to wearing gold and coral, however, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep it simple. For a chic and modern look, focus on only one or two areas to accessorise at the same time. For example, pair rings and necklaces, or earrings and rings, or necklaces and bracelets. We have a useful guide on stacking, layering and styling if you’re a little lost too.

The Pantone colour of the year 2019: Mix living coral with yellow gold jewellery

(Yellow Gold Heart Bracelet | Yellow Gold St Christopher Pendant |Yellow Gold Bangle)

Pearls, pearls and more pearls!

We absolutely love pearls - not only are they a classic, but they’re timeless and go with absolutely everything! We’re taking major inspiration from Julia Roberts’ character, Vivian, in Pretty Woman in particular. Even though her red opera dress was iconic, we still can’t get over the coral shorts suit at the end of the movie - and you can absolutely bet she paired her outfit with a pair of pearl earrings! 

Next time you wear coral, take a page out of the glamorous Vivian’s book and accessorise with some pearls. Whether you choose a pair of dainty earrings, a pearl pendant or a bangle, you’ll definitely have someone sweep you off your feet too.

 The Pantone colour of the year 2019: Mixing living coral with pearl jewellery

(Yellow Gold Diamond Pearl Pendant | Sterling Silver Pearl Bangle | Yellow Gold & Pearl Drop Earrings)

And there you have it! A quick but useful guide on how to style Pantone’s 16-1546 living coral colour - a colour we’ll be obsessing over for a long time to come. Shop our collection of beautiful morganite jewellery to embrace pink this season, or our other ranges that will perfectly complement any coral outfit! Don't forget to check out all of our latest blogs too! Read more about Mother's Day gift ideas, statement earrings for winter and April's birthstone.

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