Silver 2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

This silver 2-carat black diamond solitaire ring is a perfect gift for any special occasion. The ring is crafted from high-quality silver and is...
from $2,799

Silver 1/2 Carat Black Diamond Ring

A beautiful Silver 1/2 Carat Black Diamond Ring in a solitaire setting. An excellent take on the classic style, this ring makes a statement...
from $699

Zirconium Ring with 3 Brilliant Cut Black Diamond

Make a bold and contemporary statement with the Zirconium Ring featuring 3 Brilliant Cut Black Diamonds. Crafted with modern elegance, this ring showcases a...

Black Diamond Sterling Silver Single Diamond Ring

Elegant, bold, and undeniably masculine, the Men's Sterling Silver Black Diamond Ring is a stunning piece of jewellery designed to make a strong statement....
Clearance 10ct White Gold Black and White Diamond Ring 10ct White Gold Black and White Diamond Ring

10ct White Gold Black and White Diamond Ring

This 10ct White Gold Diamond Ring is a bold statement piece that is sure to impress. The diamonds are set in a channel setting...
Now $599

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Discover our range of black diamond engagement rings that you will fall in love with.

Black diamonds are a rare and beautiful gem that makes the perfect engagement ring. A black diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, with a rich history that dates back to ancient times. They are made of carbon, just like colourless diamonds, except they contain mineral inclusions that make them black. 

If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring with a modern twist then look no further. 

Black diamonds are known for their deep colour, which ranges from pure black to blue-black. They're also known for their hardness, durability, and sparkle—which makes them perfect for an engagement ring! There is also a range of other black diamond jewellery pieces that will compliment your ring and allow you to create a ring stack. 

If black is not your style, do not worry! At Shiels there are many different diamond rings and silver engagement rings to choose from, from solitaire to halo settings, there is something to suit any style and preference. 

Engagement rings are not just for the ladies, men's engagement rings are rising in popularity and are a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment. 

It has never been easier to find your perfect match and with our engagement rings sale that is constantly being updated, you can get your perfect ring at an amazing price. Remember we also have a range of finance options available including Afterpay, Zippay and Klarna. 

Is a black diamond a good engagement ring?

A black diamond is a fabulous alternative to a traditional engagement ring as they have the same sparkle and rarity of a diamond, but with a contemporary twist. Gemstone rings are becoming increasingly popular, so why not change it up and get yourself an engagement ring that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

What does a black diamond engagement ring symbolise?

A black diamond engagement ring symbolises the strength of your love and commitment to your partner. It is a stone that has come to represent the deep, all-consuming love that can only be found in a relationship with someone you truly care about.

A black diamond is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their inner strength, their ability to persevere through hard times and loving their partner no matter what the circumstances. 

Is a black diamond ring expensive?

Black diamond rings can range from $200 and upwards. They are fairly affordable, given the beauty and rarity of the stones.

Is black diamond valuable?

Black diamonds are extremely rare, which makes them very valuable. A treated black diamond is less valuable than a natural black diamond and their cost depends on many factors including size and clarity. However, they are not as valuable as other types of diamonds because of their limited demand.

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