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Belcher Bracelets

A belcher bracelet is a style of chain that originated in Britain during the 18th century. It is somewhat similar to the anchor chain as it has identical uniformed links that are rounded. The links are wider than they are thick and come in a variety of styles. The chain is named after the bare knuckle boxer, Jem Belcher, who from 1800-1805 was Champion of All England.

Belcher bracelets are constructed with durable links that make them perfect bracelets for the wear and tear of everyday activities. Whether you’re looking for an everyday staple or the finishing touch to elevate an outfit, Shiels has something to suit your needs. 

A bracelet is a fantastic way to tie together a jewellery ensemble. For a classic and elegant aesthetic, don’t go past our variety of gold bracelets that are perfect to pair with your favourite gold accessories. 

Dazzle the night with a gorgeous diamond bracelet that come in a range of styles, colours and sizes. Whether you’re looking for the perfect present, or a piece for yourself, you cannot go past a belcher bracelet. 

A great alternative for diamonds is our great range of cubic zirconia bracelets. Cubic zirconia is visually similar to diamonds, with the same shine and glimmer for a fraction of the price.

For something more personalised and meaningful, see our large range of charm bracelets and lockets. A popular addition to a belcher bracelet is a sweet, heart-shaped clasp, or a ring clasp for an extra element of detail. Alternatively, you can add your own charms to the links and create your own curated look.

What is a belcher bracelet?

A belcher bracelet is a type of chain with identical shaped, round links and they come in a variety of colours and styles.

Why do people wear belcher bracelets?

Belcher bracelets are popular because of their durability and range. They come in a variety of styles and metals including charms and lockets for added personalisation.

How much does a belcher bracelet weigh?

Belcher bracelets come in a range of weights depending on their material. If you’re looking for something light, a silver bracelet can weigh under 10g, while a 9ct gold bracelet may weigh upwards of 15g.

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