Marcasite Earrings

Marcasite Earrings

Marcasite earrings are one of the new, on-trend jewellery pieces creating waves within the fashion industry. The unique colour of this slightly bronzed, white gold, and yellow gold set in silver gives a mysterious look for the wearer. The metallic lustre of these earrings sparkles even at the tiniest shade of light perfect to wear at night on a date or special family occasion.

What adds to its mystery is the unique shape and texture that looks like a cluster of tiny cubes of crystals, but at the same time, you can also take it for solid cubes of bronze, white or yellow gold. A pair of marcasite earrings from Shiels Jewellers should be your first choice for a great day-to-day look.

See how our different designs and sizes can fit your mood or style as we offer you the most exquisite pieces of marcasite earrings in sterling silver combined with pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones for a more sophisticated, enigmatic look.

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