9ct Yellow Gold Diamond and Peridot Pendant

This stunning 9ct Gold Diamond Peridot Pendant is sure to give you calm, peace of mind and protection. Peridot is well known for its...
from $359

9ct Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Heart Pendant

Add an extra bit of sparkle to your look with this gorgeous 9ct Yellow Peridot and Diamond Heart pendant. With the embellishment of diamond...
from $359

Peridot Necklaces

Beauty and class combine to bring you these stunning peridot necklaces from Shiels.

This green-gold August birthstone is thought to dissipate negative patterns as well as negative emotional issues in your life. Beyond this, peridot jewellery is just stunning to behold and would look even better on you whether in a peridot pendant or a peridot ring.

The collection of peridot necklaces contains pieces that feature stunning gold plating, bringing the colour of the peridot forward so that it is the focal point of the necklace. With additional diamond embellishments, these necklaces are designed to flatter you and enhance your natural style. Evoking nature with their lively green colour, these necklaces are just the right accessory to add your next outfit.

These lightweight and beautiful green stones aren’t to be missed out on. You’ll regret not exploring Shiels’ collection of peridot necklaces today, take one of these necklaces home with you and wear them to your next day out.

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