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Diamond Bangles
Set Descending Direction
  1. Clearance
    9ct Yellow Gold Created Ruby and Diamond Bangle
  2. Clearance
    9ct Rose Gold Bangle With 16 Diamonds
    9ct Rose Gold Bangle With 16 Diamonds Now
  3. Clearance
    9ct Charming Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle
    9ct Charming Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle Now
Set Descending Direction
Diamond Bangles

Why not indulge in the finer things and explore the stunning collection of diamond bangles for Shiels? We believe jewellery tells a story, and with a Shiels diamond bangle, that story is one of pure decadence and class.

From flawless cut diamonds to distinctive Australian diamonds, our selection of diamond bangles caters for people of all taste.

Our diamond bangles are crafted using precious metals and glistening gemstones to make a powerful statement. Complement your finely cut diamonds with gold, silver or stainless steel bands to match your individual style.

Whether you want something simple or are looking for a more intricate design, our diamond bangles are the perfect accessory to dress up your favourite outfits. Combine our diamond bangles with Shiels’ range of other diamond accessories like diamond rings, necklaces and earrings to complete the look. With the best and most beautiful diamond Australia has to offer, you’ll find something perfect for every occasion. Shop our diamond bangles online or instore today!

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