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Diamond Cuts


The cut of a diamond is one of its most important characteristics. It refers to the angles created when transforming a rough diamond into a polished diamond.

Ultimately, it’s the cut of a diamond that determines its brilliance or sparkle.

The Flawless Cut Difference

With over 70 years of experience in diamond design, Shiels has perfected the art of elegance and exquisitely crafted diamond jewellery.

Our Flawless Cut collection was created in response to your need for perfectly cut and polished stones. Each ring features a diamond set on the inside of the band, symbolising commitment, authenticity and appreciation. It’s the perfect way to celebrate life’s most important moments.

Jewellery from our Flawless Cut collection is designed with you in mind, and it’s all about encouraging you to express your individual taste and style. Each piece is unique, with its own identity number engraved on the mounting of the piece.

Flawless Cut really is the best quality and value diamond money can buy.

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