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Diamond types


You probably already know that not all diamonds are created equal, but did you know that it’s not just the cut, clarity, colour and clarity that matter?

In addition to looking at the-above mentioned diamond grading attributes, you should also ensure that you understand the ‘Types of Diamonds’ classification system.

Natural Diamonds

Perhaps the most well-known type of diamond, natural diamonds are formed deep inside the earth, under high pressure and temperature.

These natural diamonds are typically colourless as they are made entirely of carbon and crystals. What makes these beautiful stones even more remarkable is that they are billions of years old.

Treated Diamonds

This type of diamond is similar to natural diamonds, except that it’s artificially enhanced to look more pure. For example, it may undergo a procedure called ‘fracture filling’, where the diamond cavity is filled with silicon and other compounds for a better-looking diamond.

The special filling is usually barely recognisable and to most people, the resulting diamond looks almost identical to the natural diamond mentioned above.

Man-made diamonds

Man-made diamonds have become more common in recent years. They’re also known as lab-grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds or pure grown diamonds.

Grown in highly controlled laboratory conditions that mimic the earth’s natural growing environment, man-made diamonds also look very similar to natural diamonds.

Fancy-coloured diamonds

The holy grail of diamonds, fancy-coloured diamonds are the rarest type of diamonds. They are the most valuable and sought-after diamonds in the world and should not be confused with regular diamonds that contain impurities.

These perfect diamonds come in various colours, with pink and yellow being the most widely known.


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