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Garnet Earrings
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Garnet Earrings

You can’t go wrong when you accessorise your outfit with a pair of stunning garnet earrings from Shiels Jewellers’ unique and lively collection.

Garnet is a versatile stone traditionally used to celebrate second anniversaries. This transformative gem is often likened to the glistening nature of a pomegranate seed, and is thought to sharpen the perception of the wearer. Available with beautiful gold plating, these earrings are available in either a dangling style or a stud design. 

Varying in intricacy, these earrings are available with simple garnets featured alone or alongside diamonds for added depth and dimension. The garnets featured in this collection are cut into geometric shapes, rendering these earrings universally flattering and beautiful to behold.

This stunning range of garnet earrings are available for purchase today, whether as a gift to you from yourself or for someone special, you can’t possibly go wrong with a collection this vibrant and stunning. 

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