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Garnet Pendants
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    Multigems Flower Pendant with chain
    Multigems Flower Pendant with chain Now
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Garnet Pendants

Effortless beauty and elegance aren’t impossible to come by. Shiels Jewellers makes it easy to find affordable statement pieces with our range of stunning garnet pendants.

Garnet is a stone often used to celebrate second anniversaries and is believed to sharpen perception of the physical world. A stone that is often compared to a ripe pomegranate seed for its vibrant red-pink colour, the Shiels range of garnet pendants features 9 carat gold that contrasts with the strong colour of the garnet to make the ideal statement piece for you. Crafted in a stunning floral design, this range is not to be missed.

Pair these pendants with the Shiels range of gold necklaces, and if this piece isn’t quite what you’re looking for, there is also a stunning range of garnet earrings available at Shiels.

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