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Coming in a range of intense colours, gemstones are considered precious and highly valued by many around the world.

Gemstones are made from a variety of minerals that are found on the Earth’s surface and they are typically very durable, with certain gemstones also being extremely rare.

Similar to diamonds, some gemstones can be made in laboratories. They have virtually the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural gemstones so their optical and physical properties are very similar. However, they may have a more uneven colour distribution.

Here at Shiels, we have both natural and created gemstones, giving you more a wider range of options. Both are the perfect complement to gold or silver and are featured extensively in our rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

In addition to this, we strive to continue the ancient tradition of matching gemstones to different months of the year, or different zodiac planets. Have a look below to find your match:

Gemstone Birth month tableGemstone Zodiac Table


 As the ‘King of Precious Stones’, the ruby is one of the most remarkable and striking gemstones in the world.

Throughout history, rubies have been prized as a precious stone due to their incredibly vibrant colour and durability. The colour has meant that the stone has long been associated with blood, vitality and the life force of humans.

Many cultures believed that rubies had the ability to increase the energy and alertness of the wearer, and were able to promote courage and bring success in wealth, love and battle.

The striking red ruby is still a symbol of love, passion and success. The ruby is connected to the romanticism of red roses, and the glow that appears to come from within the stone is reminiscent of the warmth and vitality of fire.

Their popularity has only increased due to being worn in exquisite jewellery sets by people like Queen Elizabeth II and Elizabeth Taylor.

A ruby encrusted piece of jewellery therefore makes a beautiful statement for the romantic and joyful you.

They have long been considered the perfect wedding gem and also make a thoughtful Valentine’s Day present. Rubies are often used to mark the important milestones of the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. They are also the birthstone for those fortunate to be born in July.

These highly desired gemstones look striking when used in gold jewellery, as it can deepen the red colour of the ruby. They also work well with white gold and silver jewellery as the ruby becomes a bold statement that will enhance any look. Rubies and diamonds used together are a powerful symbol of wealth, success and happiness.


Emeralds have long been loved for their deep green beauty.

Highly valued and desired, the brilliant green colour of emeralds has captured the love of people over the centuries. From Cleopatra who cherished her collection of emeralds, to Elizabeth Taylor’s famous emerald pendant, they are a stylish and classic jewel.

The ancient Romans dedicated emeralds to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Today they symbolise loyalty, new beginnings, peace, growth and wisdom. Therefore they are an incredibly meaningful gift and are a delight to wear.

Emeralds have traditionally been used to celebrate a couple’s 55th wedding anniversary. They are also the birthstone for those born in May.

The deep green colour of emeralds makes them a stunning addition to any piece of jewellery.

Styled with gold will create a beautiful vintage-inspired look which is enhanced with the addition of diamond embellishment. Beautiful silver or white gold paired with emeralds creates a contemporary piece of jewellery that is an unusual and fashion-forward addition to any wardrobe.

To achieve the greatest richness in colour, it is important that emeralds have been cut in a way to maximise this. That’s why at Shiels we source our emerald jewellery from skilled gemmologists who shape the stones into dazzling creations.


Exquisite sapphires have long been revered for their vivid blue colour that has featured in beautiful spiritual art around the world.

The Persians called Sapphires the ‘celestial stone’ and they have featured in the jewellery of the Catholic Church for centuries.

Sapphires have remained popular to this day, and are known as the Stones of Wisdom, thought to bring protection and focus to the wearer.

Whilst the royal blue colour is the most popular, sapphires can occur in a rainbow of colours. However when they are red they are classified as rubies. Some Sapphires even change colour when displayed under different lights.

Sapphires have come to symbolise royal love since Lady Diana Spencer received a stunning Sapphire and diamond engagement ring. This was then given to Kate Middleton on her engagement to Prince William, highlighting the timelessness of sapphire jewellery. Beautiful pink sapphires are also a romantic addition to any jewellery piece.

Sapphire is the traditional gift for a 45th wedding anniversary and is also the birthstone for September. Sapphire jewellery makes a perfect gift for any classic style. Gold, silver and white gold are all incredible for displaying the vivid blue sapphires.

Shiels range of Sapphire jewellery has all been crafted to display the gemstone at its best.


Aquamarine gemstones are named after the colour of the oceans. They reflect the ever-changing nature of the sea and how it can be a strong blue shade or with a slightly green hue.

These stones can even appear to change colour when viewed at different angles or light.

The bright and shining blue of the Aquamarine makes it a more delicate alternative to the more traditional gemstones. They will enhance any intricately designed piece of jewellery without dominating the entire piece.

The beautiful light blue colour is complemented when displayed together with diamonds and creates a twinkling statement piece. It is the perfect combination for the you the loves to sparkle.

Aquamarines are the March birthstone and make a thoughtful gift for someone born in March. They are also the traditional gift for a 19th wedding anniversary.

The romantic charm of Aquamarines has been around since the Romans, who believed that they could enhance the happiness of marriage. Therefore, regardless of the occasion, Aquamarine jewellery is a meaningful gift to give to your partner.

As visible flaws within the gemstone are very uncommon, the brilliance of Aquamarine stones is unmatched.

You can be sure that your Aquamarine jewellery from Shiels will be a stunning addition to your collection.


Topaz is an incredibly popular and versatile gemstone that is believed to have a soothing influence on the wearer.

Historically believed to be only a yellow stone but now most commonly found as a brilliant blue, Topaz can occur in a kaleidoscope of colours. Therefore they are the perfect stone for every you, and will reflect your rainbow personality.

In its purest form Topaz is colourless and acquires colour through natural impurities, irradiation or heat treatments. When colourless, Topaz is a popular, inexpensive alternative to diamonds.

Traditionally Imperial Topaz found in beautiful pink, orange, red and gold hues are the birthstone of those born in November and are the gem of the 23rd wedding anniversary. However, when found in blue they are commonly given to people born in December and are the gem of the 4th wedding anniversary.

As the colourless stones are often used as an alternative to diamonds, they can be gifted to people born in April.

Discover the Shiels range of lustrous Topaz jewellery. Whether you are searching for a new favourite accessory or are looking for a stunning yet inexpensive gift, you will find a beautiful piece to suit any style.

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