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Gold Accessories
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Gold Accessories

Traditionally worn in the 18th Century and even earlier by women to pin their shawls together in colder weather, today a brooch is one of the unique additions to any outfit.

Radiate old world charm and class with Shiels’ gold accessory range. The feature piece in this range is a golden brooch that features 9 carat gold plating in the design of an intricate hummingbird in flight. This brooch, inspired by nature, includes diamonds and rubies for added flair. Make a bold statement with a piece that speaks to the legendary women who utilised this fashion accessory for centuries. You can’t go wrong with these stunning additions. Dress them up or down to your liking.

All eyes will be on you, drawn effortlessly to accessories such as this stunning brooch, you’ll step up your style and make a statement all at the same time! Don’t miss out; shop this range online and in-store today!

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