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Gold Sleeper Earrings
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Gold Sleeper Earrings

These tiny hoop earrings are making a huge comeback onto the jewellery scene. You snooze, you lose when it comes to this hot trend!

Small gold sleeper earrings are back like never before. Our Shiels collection features lightweight warm yellow gold earrings, the easiest accessory to wear with any outfit and at any age. Dress up a casual day look or make it a double with two pairs in a double hoop style that easily transitions into a daring evening look.

These timeless pieces are some of the best sleeper earrings Australia has to offer. They can be your go-to accessory for literally any occasion, whether it’s running errands to the store or an extravagant gala. There are no limits when it comes to styling them! Go big or go home is so 2009. This trend plays into the less is more ideology with styles ranging from a delicate 9ct gold sleeper earrings 8mm to a bolder 16mm.

Make your mark with a mixture of textures and cuts on these stunning earrings. You can choose from gold sleeper earrings that are sultry smooth or ones that have tiny indents giving them a unique twist. There is even a diamond cut option. See, you don’t have to jump through hoops to be stylish this season, you just have to wear them! Don’t forget, when you shop online using Afterpay you can sparkle now and pay later!

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