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Move over diamonds! Morganite is the newest and most incomparable trend in jewellery today. This unique blushing pink color gemstone has brides all over the world opting for it instead of a traditional diamond engagement ring.

The Shiels collection doesn’t stop at morganite engagement rings though! This gemstone is rare and striking in all forms of jewellery, so we have morganite necklaces, earrings, and of course rings on offer. These colored stones contain a mineral that includes both emerald and aquamarine. This results in the variety of unparalleled hues we have available, which range from pale pink and stunning salmon, to blushing pink, pretty peach and radiant rose.

The vibrant hues this gemstone is known for are stable and won’t fade away over time. We’ve paired this exotic gemstone with a diamond halo in most of the pieces. A morganite ring offers sparkles that could shine from space which is due to both gemstones having a high degree of brilliance. Not only is this stone extremely durable and resistant to scratching, it is also said to bring compassion, healing, and promise according to mythology.

This non-traditional gemstone is often referred to as the pink stone of divine love. Fall in love again and again with this one-of-a-kind gemstone from Shiels. Check out our wide range online or in-store now.

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