1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traditional 1-year anniversary gift?

A traditional first wedding anniversary gift is ‘paper’, acknowledging that a new marriage or relationship is fragile, with the potential to grow and complete the blank sheet of your early commitment. 

You might gift a poster, a map marking where you met or where you’d like to go, or something that has meaning for just the two of you.

What are good first anniversary ideas?

Make an occasion out of the anniversary by cooking a favourite meal, re-visiting your first date location or go on a special adventure. Choose something that will bring a smile to your partner’s face!

Jewellery is an ideal choice as it can be worn daily as a reminder of your relationship. You can shop by price for a gift within your budget. The best gift for a first anniversary will create lasting memories in the years to come.

What should I gift to my wife on our first anniversary?

Choose from a traditional theme such as paper or a clock (why not consider a watch?) or invent your own tradition that shows you really care about her. 

First anniversary gifts can be as varied and unique as the couple celebrating. Depending on your budget and the time available to celebrate, a gift could include an all-day experience or a few treasured moments together.

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