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Pink Cubic Zirconia Earrings
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Pink Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Why wait for your fairy godmother to whip up a pair of dazzling pink cubic zirconia earrings for you to wear to the Prince's Ball, when you can pick up some gorgeous drop earrings from Shiels? Here, we have earrings in pink cubic zirconia ranging from a pale, subtle rose colour to a deep vibrant pink.

Where do pink cubic zirconia earrings come from?

White cubic zirconia is a synthetic, crystalline form of an element called zirconium dioxide. Normally colourless, this glittering stone is hard and optically flawless. The fabulous colours are achieved by adding other elements, in a process called "doping". Your pink stud earrings get their colour from a scintilla of Erbium. How exotic is that?! Adding Neodymium produces a purple stone, and when the alchemist drops in a pinch of Chromium or Vanadium, the result is a shade of green.

Grammar geeks can relax. Zirconia is one of those very rare instances where the singular serves as the plural form, too. But that's enough of a chemistry lesson for today. Let's do some shopping! Why not browse our range of zirconia rings too, so you can sparkle all over. Visit us in-store or online to find the pink earrings of your dreams AND get free delivery on all purchases over $99. So take your time, and order as many pairs as your pink heart desires!

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