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Promise Ring Guide

Promise Rings

Promise rings are beautiful gestures of love, often given before the engagement ring to represent your commitment to one another. 

However, there’s quite a bit of confusion surrounding promise rings, perhaps because of similarities to eternity or infinity rings, which can also be given in a serious relationship. Want to know when to give a promise ring, what they symbolise, what hand to put it on, and more? Find out everything you need to know in this promise ring guide.

Promise Ring Guide Contents:

Why Get A Promise Ring

First thing’s first, is a promise ring the same as an engagement ring? The answer is no, they’re different – but the gesture of presenting a promise ring to your partner is still one that comes from the heart. Many aren’t sure when you should give a promise ring, but in truth, the decision is entirely your own. Some choose to give a promise ring as a precursor to the engagement ring, essentially promising to get engaged when the time is right. For others, a promise ring can simply be a gift of love. They can signify that you’re in a serious relationship that’s looking toward the future, or that you’re committed to each other for the long term. Regardless of the reason, giving a promise ring can strengthen your relationship, and gives you an excuse to treat your significant other.

Sometimes, at the beginning of a new love, a promise ring can be the way to express your feelings. For many, it can take years before you feel financially stable enough to get married, and in that case, a promise rather than an engagement ring may be more suitable. It's common, too, for younger couples to opt for a promise ring that displays their dedication without going all-out.

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How Much Should I Spend On A Promise Ring?

Much like an engagement ring, you can spend as much as you'd like on a promise ring. You can treat your partner to something extravagant, or opt for something more affordable that represents your love just the same. Neither are bad options, it just depends on the kind of relationship you have and your own finances. What matters most is that your ring represents the special bond you share. 

A good way to go is to choose a material or gemstone that really resonates with your partner and yourself. A particular birthstone or a gem in a favourite colour, like a red ruby ring or green emerald ring, can add a nice personal touch.

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What To Engrave On A Promise Ring

If you want to make your promise ring just that little bit more special, you can always have it engraved after purchase. If you are unsure what to get engraved, let us help you with a few ideas.

There are a few go-to classics we can think of: 

  • Your names
  • Your initials
  • Your nicknames
  • Romantic Sayings like "I love you" or "Forever"
  • Phrases or sayings that are special or unique to you
  • Dates or times (like the moment you met)
  • Symbols like a love heart or infinity sign
  • Your favourite quote

If you go for an engraving, the main thing is to pick something that will make your partner smile, or laugh, or feel loved. There aren't any limits (perhaps aside from price) in what you can choose to get engraved.

What A Promise Ring Symbolises

A promise ring symbolises the bond you and your partner share, and a promise to stick by each other. In essence, when you give a promise ring, you are taking your relationship to a more serious level. 

Exactly what that level is, is up to you. It can represent a promise to get engaged, or just that you are in a long-lasting relationship. You might like to give your promise ring your own meaning, through an engraving or just by sharing what it means to your significant other.

Is An Infinity Ring A Promise Ring?

An infinity ring isn't necessarily a promise ring, but it can certainly be used as one. An infinity ring is any ring that contains the famous infinity symbol. The infinity sign, especially on a jewellery piece, signifies everlasting love and an eternal bond — perfect for a special piece like a promise ring. 

A infinity ring doesn't have to be given as a promise ring, and can be given for any occasion (or lack thereof). It's simply a beautiful statement and a nice way to treat someone you love. And, of course, the sentiment of an infinity ring is very precious.

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What Hand Do You Put A Promise Ring On?

Putting a promise ring on the right hand indicates an engagement is imminent. On the left hand, however, the symbolism is more difficult to decipher. Putting it on the left hand indicates that you're engaged, and choosing what finger to put it on could indicate either an announcement or a promise of marriage. However, the decision is really up to you. 

Do Both Partners Wear A Promise Ring?

Traditionally, two people in a relationship choose to wear rings that represent their commitment to one another. However, promise rings have become increasingly popular as couples want to express their love and devotion without officially getting engaged. A promise or eternity ring may be worn by one or both parties in a relationship. The choice is completely up to the individual. 

Do You Get On One Knee For A Promise Ring?

The final point in our promise ring guide is to kneel or not to kneel – do you have to get down on one knee? Traditionally, no. You don't have to drop the knee when presenting a promise ring, as it's not quite as significant as an engagement. Getting down on one knee might also be confusing for your partner if they take it as a marriage proposal. However, that doesn't mean you can't make it special.

Why not go on a nice date, or spend some quality time together before you present your promise ring? If you aren't sure what to say, just be honest about why you bought the ring and how you feel. The best words come from the heart.

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